College Football's Covid Problem is not Going Away

Despite what a certain percentage of you might think, the Coronavirus is not and has not gone away or been eradicated. And depending on your point of view it's either being largely ignored or about to change a lot of people's plans for the fall.

By now, if you follow College Football, you know teams have begun the slow return to campus for largely "Voluntary" workouts and briefings. This past week, the NCAA signed off on a 6-week plan to ramp up to full practices giving teams the opportunity to spend a little extra time getting players prepared for what they hope is the "Upcoming" season.

However it appears the Virus has different plans.

Just this week, Clemson has reported well over 20 football players testing positive for Covid-19. The University of Texas, they had 13. At UCLA, the players took the extreme measure of stating publicly they wouldn't practice without "3rd Party Oversight" of the medical testing of players Essentially saying they don't believe Coach Chip Kelly has their backs when it comes to test results.

Oh, and before I forget, two games have already been cancelled this season: The Southern Heritage Classic between Jackson State and Tennessee State and Florida A&M vs. Southern have both been called off due to various issues related to the Virus.

All of this presents a problem that isn't going away. It's almost as if we're all in denial over Covid-19 and it's persistence, after getting some control over it, the world has opened back up and the virus is kicked right back up with it.

Does this affect you? Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. Are people getting hospitalized and put in ICU? No, not very often. But the potential for it grows with every reported new case. Being asymptomatic as many of these "New" cases just means the potential for spread grows with every person the new case comes in contact with. Not everyone reacts the same to it.

Will this be the end of the College Football season before it gets started? No, not likely. Though I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure that cat is long since out of the bag. The "Powers that Be" have already moved forward and gone on record saying games will happen in most cases. And I believe they will.

Are those games going to have fans? I hope not. God I hope not. It would be a cruel injustice for Schools or States to say "Sure, come on down". I shudder to think what would happen with 90,000 people in the stands considering much, much smaller groups have already shown they are a big spread problem.

No, your "Fearless Leader" a.k.a. ignorant politicians aren't going to save you from this, especially when they are walking around claiming they "Eradicated" the problem made up by people who are conspiring against them.

Already, we've seen the NFL, PGA Tour and Major League Baseball have players test positive, the trend is not "Going Away". All of those sports are still pressing forward (maybe not MLB who is moronic labor issues) and plan on having games played with no commitment yet about fans.

And for all the talk and hype, the issue is important for players--but even more important for fans. None of us should be expecting to see fans at these events yet it scares the crap out of me to think that's exactly what is going to happen.

College Football isn't going to sacrifice the money---though in just two more years, they are about to get yet another windfall. But since teams and programs have not done much--if anything to save ANY money for an emergency like this, don't expect them to rollover and sacrifice the money the can make today and wait for the even bigger payday in 2023 when the "TV Deals" being to get renewed.

Which is a whole separate conversation for another day.