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College Football's Conference Only Scheduling is stupid

If nobody else will come out and say it, I will, the idea of the Power 5 College Football Conferences saying they'll play conference schedules because of COVID is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

Don't get me wrong, I want to see College Football season this year as much as the nutty neighbor with flags in his yard, favorite player jersey and grill attached to the back of his Chevy Suburban but the idea of conference schedules lowering virus risk is absurd.

Think about it: The SEC announces "Conference Only" games because they can limit travel and therefore exposure. Tell that to the Florida Gators who can't play ACC and in-state arch rival Florida State, some 3 hours away by bus, but can travel to Lexington, Kentucky, 12-plus hours away up I-75 or fly there.

Or the Georgia Bulldogs who won't be able to go an hour from Athens to play Georgia Tech, but can go to Columbia, Missouri to play Mizzou.

Honestly, I could quote examples in every single Power 5 Conference of teams having to bypass nearby games to stay either "In-Conference" or conference, plus-one.

Don't for a second believe the move is to protect anything but the Athletic Department budgets. That's "IF" the games are even played.

Big 12 stalwart Oklahoma is set to play on August 29th in a game vs. Missouri State which couldn't happen in the ACC, Big 10, Pac 12 or SEC. That is unless the Big 12 decides to go in house too.

Please tell me how safe that all is....

I'm trying--really, really hard to not be alarmist, but if you're a parent, would you want your 18-year old son traveling to College Station, Texas right now to play a game in a stadium Aggie Athletic Director Ross Bjork says hopes to be half-full (50,000). It's a bit of an exaggeration--but it sure seems like half the state of Texas has been infected.

For that matter, would you want your son to be traveling to Miami right now for, well, anything? The University of Miami--dead center in the world's worst current "Hot Zone" for COVID-19.

Does anyone really believe it will get better with students returning to class over the next couple weeks (in states where allowed)?? The 18-30 or so demographic has been a large contributor to the exploding case count. Many of you probably believe the disproven theory that kids of a certain age won't get sick or will be "Asymptomatic". You'd be wrong. Read This

Honestly, that's not even the issue.

The issue is those kids being asymptomatic, not taking safety precautions and passing their infection on to a teacher, worker, coach or someone else without the ability to recover.

That's the totally selfish part EVERYONE seems to not care or think about. Even if you are perfectly healthy but test positive, you can still...and likely WILL pass it on to someone.

It's the primary reason why I still don't believe we're getting--nor do we deserve College Football. If you can't think past yourself, if you don't care what happens to someone around you, you don't deserve a College Football season.

As for those who oversee the game and make decisions on playing--it's a prime case for an actual leader of the sport (no, not ESPN). It's time someone says "This is what ALL of us are doing and this is how we do it". Instead we have 5 conferences who make most of the money with an agenda that doesn't consider anyone outside their conference. Instead we have a world where anyone not in the "Power 5" is essentially screwed because the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC are looking out for Number 1. Themselves.

Imagine if you are a SunBelt Conference team, geographically way, way closer to most of the SEC than--most of the SEC. You still will get to play your conference games, but your "Payday" game, yeah, that's gone.

I know I'm going off on a somewhat non-sensical rant here that nobody else likely cares about, but I care about it. I want there to be games. I hate that we are all too freaking selfish and pig-headed to understand nobody caused our problems but ourselves.

I just want to show someone how to wake up and understand there's a lot of weird stuff going on. Nobody at this point seems to have looked at the repercussions of these dumb conference decisions. But if you look at it closely....

They, like almost every other decision regarding how to deal with COVID, makes absolutely no logical sense.

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