College Football is not Starting on Time, Deal With it....

As the rumblings get louder about the potential re-opening of things, don't expect College Football to be one of---said things.

The way things are currently progressing, the odds of there being games played by the end of August gets further and further away.

First off--despite what some political types say; it's not so easy to say "Game On" and have things pick up where they left off at the beginning of March. Put it this way, it's kind of like asking an Aircraft Carrier to make a 3-point turn in under a minute---it is physically not possible.

Yes, I know, Major League Baseball and the NFL among others are already discussing options to play without fans (an idea I don't like), but from a practicality standpoint--they have far less hurdles to overcome than College Sports.

This week, Conference Presidents had a call with the "Corona Virus Taskforce" headed by VP Mike Pence. The takeaway by most was pretty simple: College Football can't start until campuses are cleared by MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS to re-open.

Quoting Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby: "Our players are students. If we're not in College, we're not having contests."

That all being said, I wouldn't write off having the 2020 season played--it just may not get played on a normal schedule. At some point, things will begin opening back up. At some point, the Medical experts will be able to discern whether it will be a health risk to have people again gather in large groups. Which is when you'll see the ramp up to games begin.

Several College Coaches have already gone on record saying they need at minimum four weeks to get players to the point where they could play games, if not longer. We are already at a point where most campuses have relegated classroom learning to online only through mid-summer.

Do I think we'll see things start to open before "Mid-Summer"? Yes. Do I think they should? Probably not. But I'm also not an expert on such matters and neither are any of you.

I do believe we'll see Professional Sports start before College. Heck, the PGA Tour has already said come mid-June, they are playing albeit without crowds. For golf, it is not as big an issue, though having a TV Crew there to go from place to place covering events, would be. We've seen time and time again, all it takes is one person in one place to get infected and suddenly half the people in said place get it.

And that's the problem. Force feeding us sporting events to entertain the homebound masses is a nice sentiment, but it also is risky. If athletes and others are willing to take the risk then so be it, I just hope they are informed of what the risk entails.

Listen, I hope I'm wrong about this and come the end of August we have plans to watch College Football games. I hope my guess is ill informed and just that, an uneducated guess. Heck, we need games for content on our College Football Podcast "The Review" (find it on Spreaker or YouTube and any Podcast aggregator you can think of). We're running out of things to talk about and really don't want to go on hiatus.

Just be patient friend, I know the current situation is less than ideal for an unknown amount of time. But to use a cliche', "This too will pass". I don't know when and I hope we don't rush it to line the pockets of people who don't need their pockets lined (rich folk and politicians). But these days money talks and everything else is seemingly secondary.

Let's see where we go, it's all a new adventure from here....