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College Football is Heading Towards a Start, but will it Actually Happen?

Yup, that's right, we now have a etched on paper timeline to ramp up to the 2020 College Football season. But will we see the timeline through from start to finish?

That's the billion dollar question on the table as the NCAA agreed on a allowing mandatory workouts to launch in early July and full-on practice to begin later in the month. Though no word on if or how many fans might actually be able to attend the games if or when they begin.

Really, that's they mystery here. Does anyone really know if the plans will stay on track? The reason I ask is despite what your politicians tell you, statistically, we are far from clear of COVID-19. Sure, a frightening percentage of the populous has seemingly forgotten we were and are still in the midst of a pandemic. One that frowns strongly on gatherings of large groups of people.

Look up any state's statistical breakdown of reported cases and tell me with a straight face, the virus is gone. Come on Social Media experts. So many of you are regurgitating the political line---let's see some proof.

Yes, there are less people hospitalized, by a small percentage--and that's good, but it does not mean "Problem Solved"...

College Football gains its fans because of the atmosphere and excitement surrounding the games. "Pomp and Circumstance" is fully a part of the experience. Seeing games played with 1,000 people spread out in the stands is going to be really awkward if that's the route we go. Seeing games with nobody in the stands would be even stranger.

Me, Brother Jon and Brother Wilkie have talked at length on the OSG Sports College Football Podcast "The Review" about the money schools would lose if games aren't played. We've talked and talked about the "Losses" and strain it would put on schools large and small.

Well, the one thing we forgot in all of this: Surviving. Survive the next two seasons and the money is going to start flowing like water from a fountain.

Why do I say that? Because it begins the mid-decade renegotiation of every TV Major Conference TV deal with the exception of the ACC. You can bet "Pick Media Company Here's" bottom dollar the already super lucrative deals are only going to grow.

Sure, Cable is hemorrhaging viewers--but there is still nothing on Television that draws in viewers like live sports. And those Sports shall be paid for.

So at the end of the day---ponder this. If College Football happens in 2020, it happens in the face of Coronavirus's return. And that return at minimum may mean nobody in the stands. Except College leaders have said "Nobody on Campus, nobody plays". Which I don't believe....

The battle will be about money. Because most battles these days are about money...or politics. The decisions don't appear to be about doing what's right or what's best. I could be wrong about this or just hypothesizing late one night for no apparent reason.

Or maybe I'm not....prove me wrong....

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