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College Football is back and so are the overreactions

Ga. Defense swarms Clemson/ESPN Screengrab

Like most of you, it was hard not to be excited about College Football returning in front of largely packed stadiums. I really hope they didn't serve as giant COVID-19 Petri Dishes because we need a release and the sight of a full screaming house, with bands and the like is the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

One of the things I missed last year when we kinda, sort of had a season was the immediate overreactions after the first full week of games. And after seeing the amount of small schools pulling upsets already, there were plenty of meaningless headlines out there.

If you follow the game closely, you should know by now its virtually impossible to know exactly how good your "team" is supposed to be. But then again, if we keep this all based in reality--there'd be nothing for any of us to talk about during the week.

Here are my top 10 reality checks for those of you who follow the "Big" name schools:

  1. Alabama is going to run away with the College Football Playoff: Slow down Sparky. Yeah, sure, they looked pretty good against Miami. But it also begs the question--Was Miami really the 14th best team in the country going into their game?? No...I don't think so.

  2. Bryce Young will win the Heisman Trophy. Mmmm, maybe. But that might be a bit premature. Yeah, sure, he looked cool, calm and in control vs. Miami. But again---is Miami really very good?

  3. Georgia is going to the College Football Playoff? Mmmm....maybe. Sure, the defense looked out of this world vs. Clemson. Clemson is rebuilding. Clemson has no replacement for Travis Etienne. Georgia couldn't score an offensive touchdown. That could be a problem as the year goes. And they are Georgia. They always lose a game they shouldn't.

  4. Oklahoma is in trouble. Um, I don't think so. Tulane played out of their minds. Sure, the Sooner D did not exactly impress. But they'll be good enough to win the Big 12. Who's going to stop them?

  5. Clemson is going to be awful. NO, they aren't. They just aren't currently at the same level as Alabama and Georgia. As the offense grows up, they'll be just fine. There still isn't anyone in the ACC who's going to beat them.

  6. UCLA and Chip Kelly are going to win the Pac 12. Um---I suppose it's possible, though I don't think they're going to even win the south. While much improved, they aren't at USC's level yet.

  7. LSU is in trouble. YES. Yes, they are. Ed Orgeron may very well be who we thought he was before he won the National Championship a couple years ago. A basically likeable guy and good position coach, but not a long-term program guy. UCLA manhandled LSU, that's not good. Not good at all.

  8. Washington is in trouble. Yes. Yes, they are. Only scoring one TD vs. Montana. Um, not good. Jimmy Lake is well liked and was a good defensive coordinator. He still has to prove he's an effective head coach.

  9. North Carolina was overrated. Good, not great. They lost to a fired up Virginia Tech team with something to prove. It happens in week 1. The Tar Heels will still win 10 games.

  10. Florida State is back. Um, not yet. Yes, it was a nice comeback vs. a decent Notre Dame team in Tallahassee. There is potential in Tallahassee. But they are still a couple of years away. Yes, they'll be improved, but at best, they are the 4th or 5th best team in the ACC.

Those are only 10 things I could think of off the top of my head. Cranky me still thinks polls at this time of year are incredibly stupid and power ratings are even dumber. They mean nothing. Come back and let's talk about it in October.

At the end of the day, it's really nice to be able to have these discussions again, it really seems like it's been forever since we've been able to debate them.

And really at the end of the day. Those arguments are what make College Football great. It's why we love the game.

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