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CFB Overreactions: No, you're teams 1st game doesn't mean they suck

Never change SEC fans, never change. Your never-ending over inflated expectations will always be a source of great amusement.

This past weekend was for some College Football teams, week 4, for the SEC it was week 1. In the bizarro world of 2020, we still know roughly the same thing today as we did back at the end of August/beginning of September when the teams that planned to play early started.


Sure, we had "pre-season" rankings, polls and prognostications, very few of which were based on anything other than name recognition. The idea of a "pre-season" coaches poll or AP poll in 2020 when nobody had spring practice and fall practice was nothing like it had been in the past renders the exercise pointless.

Sure, we knew Clemson would be very, very good no matter what. We could speculate that Alabama would be. Outside that: No guarantees. Anywhere.

As the SEC kicked off week one, the only things we knew were this outside 'Bama being really good: Georgia's defense would be very good, Florida's offense would be very good. Vanderbilt would be less talented than anyone else and well, that's about it.

Yes, Alabama won easily over Missouri and looked like they picked up where they left off. Some talent changed, but Mac Jones finished 2019 as QB, started 2020 in the same spot. The Crimson Tide largely reloaded.

The other preseason Top 5 SEC team, Georgia. Well, they struggled--mostly on offense where only 3 players had ever started an SEC game before and they had zero QB's with an SEC start. Add a new offensive coordinator and the recipe for disaster was there.

After trailing 7-5 in the first half, the 'Dawgs figured some things out and rolled to an easy win.

The reactions by Georgia fans expecting the team to walk on the field and score 50 without trying--hilarious. I had more than one friend on Social Media calling for new OC Todd Monken to be fired. After one half of football.

LSU brand new defensive coordinator Bo Pelini is already drawing the wrath of dumb-ass LSU fans after one game. The Tigers were absolutely shredded by Mississippi State QB K.J. Costello, who was far from perfect, but executed Mike Leach's "Air Raid" offense like he'd been doing it his whole life.

Yes, really. This happened.....Sure, Pelini's defense, also lacking returning starters and its best CB got exposed vs. Miss. State, though I'm not quite sure what experts like this guy actually expected.

The flip side of this: Reaction to Mike Leach's first game in the conference. Yeah, sure, his team put up video game numbers in beating LSU 44-34. And yes, maybe he's going to surprise some people because his system is not complicated and can potentially lead to things like that happening.

But it is week one. His offense against a spotty at best LSU defense is now on tape and there will be opportunities for Nick Saban and others to look at.

Yes, Mississippi State will be better. They have better players and an innovative head coach. Are they a "top 10" team yet? Um, no.

But this is an instant reaction kind of world plenty have pushed for it.

Going out of the SEC, the other crazy story is Oklahoma getting hammered by Kansas State.

Or is it?

The Sooners starting a freshman QB and featuring many of the same issues as previous teams, played OK vs. a K-State team that lost their opener to Arkansas State. But Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler played like a talented but true freshman and it hurt. Of course not being able to stop anyone on defense didn't help their case either.

My point with this column is not nearly as complicated as it sounds....

Don't read too much into your favorite teams performance until they've played a few games. It also means don't read anything into the largely meaningless rankings until we are in mid-November and the rest of College Football returns to action.

Really the only thing you can bank on right now is this: Clemson will win the ACC. Some combination of Alabama, Georgia and Florida will play for the SEC title. Ohio State will win the Big 10 and well, nobody really knows who will be the 4th team in the College Football Playoff which is the only thing most care about in this current version of the South's favorite sports.

Relax. Enjoy your Saturday's. It's a brief moment in 2020 where you can get back to some form of normalcy.

Don't expect it to last forever, enjoy it while it lasts.

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