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Can someone please explain NFL Coaches and their mask fines?

Yes, he got fined too

ED NOTE/UPDATE (9/24/2020):

--So apparently I'm not the only one asking this question (no shock). Here's an explainer via For The Win/USA Today Sports. Essentially it boils down to the "Labor Agreement" between the NFL and the NFLPA which is not much of an excuse....

The NFL's chief medical officer explained why coaches are required to wear masks

(Original blog post below from 9/23--written before finding the explainer the next morning)

The NFL's chief medical officer explained why coaches are required to wear masks

Okay, maybe its just me who is confused about the rules of COVID-19 and sports, but I suspect not.

After five NFL coaches were fined this past weekend for not wearing a protective mask on the sideline of their weekend games--a.k.a NFL Week #2, I have questions....

I get being safe and I get protections and testing protocols (qualifier) and I'm totally good with those.

But here's my question(s): If everyone on the field passed all those protocols in order to get on the field, why does everyone still need to where the masks?

Think about it for a minute. If all the players, all the officials and everyone else inside the stadium is healthy enough to be there, what is the risk of infection? Am I missing something?

None of the players are able to wear a mask on the field. To the best of my knowledge, and maybe I'm just not educated enough--but if nobody is considered a risk or infectious, how could one get infected by them?

I'm open minded and happy to accept that I don't know the answer to everything. If you can explain this to me, I'm all ears....

The NFL fined Denver Coach Vic Fangio, Seattle Coach Pete Carroll, San Francisco Coach Kyle Shanahan, Oakland Coach Jon Gruden and New Orleans Coach Sean Payton each $100,000 while both the Raiders and Saints teams also face $250,000 fines.

From ESPN:

All of them can afford the fines, steep as though they are. It's quite possible and I'm guessing its a message to enforce visuals.

I hope that's the case and the league just wants to make it look like they are following correct safety protocols. If that's the case then yeah, I'm on board. People need to see the right thing to do.

If that really is the explanation, why not just come out and say it? Why not just say we'd like to set an example by making sure we are taking all precautions and showing everyone it is best to where a mask when around others?

Heck, maybe it will be more important as fans get reintroduced to stadiums over the next several weeks. Maybe those fans will behave and wear masks and not spread the virus to anyone else. We haven't seen much evidence people are willing to do that yet, but I could also easily be wrong.

In case you're wondering, yeah, I've wondered the same thing about Major League Baseball. Granted MLB hasn't been quite so strict with their players and managers, at least in the realm of fining them. But it does raise a legitimate question.

MLB tests its players, managers and ballpark personnel too, nobody is in there if they test positive. But the league has insisted on having everyone on the field either have or wear one.

Again, maybe its optics. Maybe its PR and image. Or maybe it is just good old fashioned, honest to goodness legitimate safety concerns. All of which are fine.

I just want someone, anyone to please explain the thought process.

Inquiring minds want to know....

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