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Baseball's Playoff Starting Times are Unfair to Fans

Yes, there will be Playoff Baseball at the Trop

I know what some of you might be thinking---why am I complaining? Well, it's partially because I live in a Major League Baseball playoff town and my team is slated to play at times where I won't be able to attend.

And that kinda pisses me off....

Listen, yeah, I know, someone has to play the early games in Major League Baseball's playoff games. Particularly when at least one of the teams involved plays on the West Coast. And when that team is in Los Angeles (Dodgers)---my team, the Braves have to suffer.

The Braves kick off the National League Divisional series tonight (Thursday) with a game starting at just after 5pm here in Atlanta. While SunTrust Park will likely be pretty full if not sold out, it creates a myriad of problems for fans.

The biggest---parking....

As much as I love The Battery--the development and SunTrust and the fact it is located roughly 4-miles from my house, it's very difficult for fans to get there for day games. For me, I can't go to Game 1 or Game 2. The second game starts at 4:37, I'll be at work--at my job when both games start. (Not off work until 5:30pm)

In Atlanta, fans often get the label as being apathetic and in some instances, it's a fair assessment. Not when it comes to the Braves though. I say this knowing full well in the past--they've struggled filling up the stadium for the playoffs.

It's because of the damn start times for Playoff games. In a city as big as Atlanta, it's a huge ask to get people to the games before the end of their work day. Particularly on short notice. MLB didn't put out start times for this round of playoffs until 3 days before said games. This start time impacts the traffic trying to get to said games---which is a turnoff for the more casual of fans.

There already are complaints about fans parking around the stadium as the multitude of businesses surrounding the area aren't yet closed, limiting the parking options. And because the politicians and some of the people who vote in Atlanta are incredibly stupid---there's no "Mass Transit" option to get even near the stadium.

Listen---I know full well, this is only going to be an issue for this series. Should Atlanta win and move on to the next round--the games will be in Prime Time. And that would be great, heck I might even get to go for at least one of them.

But instead, like a large chunk of the Metro Atlanta populous I'll be listening on the radio while I drive home from work. I'll get home and after walking my dogs, will watch and agonize over every pitch and swing.

It won't change my support, my rooting interest in seeing my favorite team since childhood playing yet again in the playoffs. It just is kind of disappointing because I really would have like to go see at least one of the games---in person.....

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