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An ACC, Big 10, Pac 12 alliance along with SEC will end College Football as we currently know it

It's happening faster than anyone thought it would. And at this point, absolutely nothing is going to stop it. The only think missing is the date it happens.

College Football is in the beginning stages of metamorphosis. Though I should add when it finally ends, I don't think it's going to emerge like a butterfly.

Name, Image and Likeness and the Transfer Portal were only the beginning. The tip of the iceberg if you will. Oklahoma and Texas bailing out on the Big 12 for the SEC could maybe qualify for "step two". The report this week that the ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12 were exploring a "strategic alliance", well, that may be the final straw.

Let's be clear. Even if the "strategic alliance" doesn't come to fruition the end is near. Much closer than it was just a season ago.

I believe (I could be wrong), the ACC/Big10/Pac12 leaked story is a way of returning fire to the SEC who much like the Emperor in Star Wars, said one thing and built a Death Star while nobody was watching.


I also believe should the "strategic alliance" or Rebel Alliance, should it become a thing will only mean the group teams up with the SEC and breaks away from the rest of College Football.

Yes, you read that right. The birth of the "Super League" of College Football is nigh. It may not come in 2021, 2022 or maybe even 2023--but you can bet the house its coming shortly thereafter.

It means we will have the "Super League", with no conferences, just a group of the Top 50 or 60 schools in the country playing for their own championship. And yes, it means they will make more money than any of us could imagine.

It also means the AAC, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and Sun Belt will be on their own. Through no fault of their own, the teams currently known as the "Group of Five" will be picking up the TV Network scraps. Yes, they'll get paid, but we're talking millions not billions like the "Super League" will get.

Weirdly enough or maybe its just the American Way, but what this all sort of stinks like is "the rich getting richer". And getting richer on the backs of everyone else. Sure, it's great to be able to say Alabama will rake in $150 million from their TV deal and another $50 million from other sources. But what exactly will they do with it?

That's really what College Football has evolved into. And for all the talk about it being the training ground for the NFL, in many ways a "Super League" will make more money than the NFL.

Before you say "NO WAY" or "You're full of shit", hear me out: Think about it. Will "Super League" teams be more profitable than NFL teams? Yes. Why? Labor costs.

That's it. The cost of labor.

NFL teams have $150-$200 million tied up just in player costs alone. Then there's the cost of operating their stadiums, staff and support staff. Plus operating their own facilities and their town.

Now, a college football team, they don't have ANY player costs. None. Yeah, sure, there's travel costs and some operational costs, but nothing like the NFL has.

That means the Conference TV money and local money, goes in the college football program's pocket. It doesn't go to the school. It doesn't go to academics, it goes to the athletic association.

Think about it. The school pays most of the support staff. Sports Information Directors--school employees that work for all sports. Same with various other operations jobs.

Yeah, the whole idea of the sport of my youth going the way of everything else from that time period. I've loved watching college football games since I was a little kid. There aren't going to be traditional bowl games or old time rivalries dating back a hundred years anymore. Those days will be gone. Or at lest only played at a lower level.

Which makes me sad.

In the meantime, we'll have 50-60 university's making more money than they could ever have imagined. And very, very little will change.

The "Super Conference" won't make Maryland a national title contender. It won't make Kentucky or Wake Forest one either. But they'll get paid well to compete.

We'll still get the Alabama's and Ohio State's and Oklahoma's of the world competing for the title every year. We'll have the same 10-15 teams in contention.

And the propose 12 game "College Football Playoff", yeah, um, don't expect that to live in its current form either.

In the meantime enjoy things why they last, the future is almost here. It's gaining ground and its closing speed is pretty impressive. It's only a matter time.

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