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Aaron Rodgers isn't the good guy the NFL experts tell us he is

Hey, listen, I don't know Aaron Rodgers the person, I can only talk about the way he comes across. After being an NFL writers wet dream for the majority of his career, we many now be seeing what the guy is all about: EGO.

Unless you've been living under a rock you know about Rodgers having to sit out the past week and missing the Green Bay Packers game vs. Kansas City because he tested positive for COVID-19 and then it got out that he never got vaccinated.

I'm not going to get too deep into the vaccination thing. It's become a political litmus test for reasons I will never understand. Rodgers and the "Anti-Vax" crowd seem to think they are making some sort of statement about not being bullied by the federal government or being forced by the government to take the COVID vaccine. This despite a literal litany of vaccines every one of us got as a kid in order to go to school and/or function in every day life.

People get the shots because they work. They keep people from dying. Getting vaccinated protects you and it protects the people who come in contact with you.

What's ironic here, the people spurring the 'anti-vax" sentiment, the one's spouting about conspiracies and secret plans to harvest your DNA and you shouldn't have to take it are being spurred on by talk-show hosts and media personalities who have gotten their vaccinations.

See if your kid can go to a public school without a measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, polio or any other vaccine. These same people whining about being forced to take a COVID vaccine don't say anything about this.

But this really isn't a rant about how stupid the no vaccine people are.

This is about Aaron Rodgers and the world in which he lives.

We probably should have seen something like this coming. No, I'm not talking about Rodgers talking around his vaccination status this summer. Him telling the world he was "immunized" clearly didn't mean vaccinated and I partly blame the room full of reporters when he said it for not asking what that meant.

I look back to his asinine comments around the time of the NFL Draft saying he felt "disrespected" by the Packers and team management. He whined incessantly about the team drafting Jordan Love in 2020. He whined that he wasn't being given a voice in the teams draft process. He whined that team GM Brian Gutenkust said mean things about him and he was not going to play for the Packers ever again.

Until he had a "change of heart" and decided maybe he would play for the Packers.

And, to cap that all off, the NFL suck-ups (a.k.a Commentators) all kept saying over and over and over again that Rodgers was right. Go back and see how many times Stephen A. Smith and Mike Greenburg along with the cast of characters on their ESPN shows said the Packers owed Rodgers an apology and that it was appalling the team wouldn't cow-tow to his demands.

Then after he gets put on the COVID list, he shows up on his buddy Pat McAfee's podcast and starts spouting off the typically crazy anti-vaccination rhetoric and admits he actually had the virus this summer. He never said anything about letting his teammates down or if it bothered him to not be there for their game. Nope--it was all about him.

He was being "cancelled", the "woke" people of the world were out to get him. Nobody can make or tell him what to do about his body.

That to me was the clue. That to me was the tip off that Aaron Rodgers only cared about one thing.


I'm not saying a top-level NFL QB shouldn't have a level of arrogance about them, it goes with the job to some extent. But at the end of the day, look at a Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees. Maybe behind the scenes they make it all about them, but the public never sees that. All three of those guys come across as people who care about their teammates and would do anything they could to make the team better.

Rodgers does not give off that vibe. Yeah, he's good. He's really good at his job. That's a given. But he also screams "prima-donna".

Maybe away from the public view he gives off the "I'd do anything for a teammate vibe" but he doesn't publicly. Why do I say this? Because his selfish actions regarding COVID-19 cost the Packers a game they could have easily won. Instead, they lost an ugly game to the Chiefs when Love got his first NFL start. He wasn't brutally awful but he also wasn't good enough to pull off a win. It's not a good look and outside the anti-vax conservative talk show hosts, nobody has spoken up on his behalf.

Losing the game last Sunday could easily hurt Green Bay at the end of the season when it comes to home field advantage in the playoffs. That matters. Nobody wants to play in Green Bay in January if they have a choice.

I'd like to think Rodgers would go apologize to his teammates for letting them down and not being there. Maybe he does that. Will it get him back and their good graces?

One has to wonder.

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