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2020: Is This the Year a Virus Ends Live Sporting Events for Fans??

Is this the end of Live Sporting Events as we know them? Or is the hype overriding the risk? I guess it depends on what you choose to believe as somehow the risk of catching a contagious virus seems to have been politicized and blamed on those reporting about it.

We've already begun seeing Professional Sporting events and for that matter, amateur events changing the way they do business to prevent large groups of people from gathering to attend games/matches.

Professional Soccer matches all over Europe are being played in empty stadiums with nobody there other than the teams, staff and broadcasters. We're starting to see the same thing happen in the U.S as several places in California have banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people until the risk passes.

Santa Clara County in California has put that ban in place for the rest of March, likely impacting the NHL's San Jose Sharks and Stanford University in Palo Alto.

The NHL, NBA and MLS along with Major League Baseball have announced closed locker rooms, keeping reporters and photographers away from players as a precautionary measure. The NCAA, in the midst of Conference Basketball Tournaments and the beginning of "March Madness" hasn't said anything at this time--only that they are monitoring developments. *Ed note--NFL is monitoring, they have no scheduled events for some time*

(Side note--access to teams by reporters during the NCAA Tournament is extremely limited at any time as a common practice)

If anyone is wondering about actual games, outside of Italy cancelling all sporting events for the next month, I don't think anything has been cancelled here in the U.S.---yet. Though I suspect it is coming.

The question is how much is too much or what constitutes not doing enough? I don't really know. Do you?

It's frightening to me as I scan Facebook and Twitter, to see how many people (not experts) who are blaming this on "The Media". But then again, everything on Social Media now comes with some sort of idiotic Political Bent and anything that doesn't jibe with your belief system is the fault of the Collective known as Media/Borg. Absolutely nobody complaining on Social Media knows whether the Coronavirus is a legitimate threat and danger or if it is hysteria. None of you bitching on Social Media about false hysteria are experts and most aren't doctors---so stop trying to be one. (If you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, you are excused)

There are obvious professionally run organizations who are taking this seriously. They don't want to be the group who allows the virus to spread uncontrollably among the gathered masses and I get it. You never want to be that guy or the origin of anything. To ignore what is happening and not say there are potential problems to be had would be far, far worse and those same voices bitching about hysteria would be complaining nobody told them about it.

Are we going to see Sporting Events here in the U.S postponed because of the Covid-19 virus? Yeah, I think we are. Do I think it will have a long lasting impact on those sports? No. Is it going to inconvenience people? Yes. Are thousands upon thousands going to spread false information about it? Absolutely.

Be prepared for change this Spring if you are a Sports fan. It is coming. Heck, it's already happening. No, we aren't talking about the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse here and nobody has said that we are. But we are talking about something nobody is familiar with, nobody is exactly sure how to deal with and change as ALL of us know is something we all hate and don't understand.

So stop bitching---stop complaining. You should be washing your hands regularly any how. \

No, I don't think there's a legitimate reason to stop athletic competition because of a virus that won't kill you. Athletes are the least likely to be affected or impacted by this to the best of current knowledge and that's fine. It's the rest of us flithy, disgusting animals who pee on the walls of a stadium bathroom while passing out drunk or vomit after drinking too many beers in the stands who are the problem. Which is why banning crowds is not the worst problem in the world and might actually for some--make the games more fun to watch.

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