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Pre Season Polls Mean Nothing But College Football is Still Fun

Truth be told, I'm always happy to see the College Football season kick off, but the idea of getting bent out of shape over "Preseason Polls" and "Power Rankings" makes me laugh. Yet for some reason fans and alumni all seem to get bent out of shape when they see where their favorite team is placed.

Listen, College Football at the most elite level is fun, but also mostly predetermined. I can sit here and tell you a short list of teams who will be competing for the College Football Playoff and I guarantee some combination of them will get in.

Some combination of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Notre Dame and Texas will be in the playoff. Based on the "Preseason" AP Top 25, Florida would have a chance too, but I don't believe we exist in a Universe where this Gators team runs the table.

Here's the AP Top 25 FWIW:

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Georgia

4. Oklahoma

5. Ohio State

6. LSU 7. Michigan

8. Florida

9. Notre Dame

10. Texas

11. Oregon

12. Texas A&M

13. Washington

14. Utah

15. Penn State

16. Auburn

17. UCF

18. Michigan State

19. Wisconsin

20. Iowa

21. Iowa State

22. Syracuse

23. Washington State

24. Nebraska

25. Stanford

Raise your hand if you really believe this poll to be true? Seriously, does it actually mean anything?. In the past 15-years (since 2004), the #1 team has gone wire to wire a total of 2-times.

And if you look around hard enough---you can find "Power Rankings". And for reasons I've yet to understand---fans and players seem to get wound up over them. You do realize "Power Rankings" are just a bunch of staffers/writers from said website or network sitting around a table saying which teams they like the most, right? Your teams "Power Ranking" means...well, absolutely nothing on the field.

Yeah, sure, I get it. This gives ESPN, Sports Talk Radio and Podcasts such as our own OSG on CFB shows things to talk about. It gives everyone the opportunity to speak up and feel like their opinion actually means something.

As I said earlier--I still and will always love College Football. I would love it more if it broke off into a game where the "Power 5" schools with seemingly unlimited budgets competed for their title and everyone else competed for another.

Am I bitter because my team/school (Ga.Southern) will never play for a National Title as things are currently structured??

Yup! Sure am....

Heck, if you look above at the AP "Top 25", there is only one team NOT in the "Power 5", UCF. And the Knights are very good but there is no universe where they'll ever make the College Football Playoff.

And that's my problem with all of this.

But hey, maybe it's just sour grapes. Maybe it will all go by the wayside by the time we get to November and the real jockeying excitement for Playoff position will take place. Maybe Clemson will be the exception and go "Wire to Wire" this season (they actually might).

But then again, I could be wrong. And that folks--is what makes it fun.

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