I Feel Bad for Roger Goodell Having to be Deposed in Idiotic New Orleans Lawsuit

I never thought there would actually be a moment in time where I felt badly for NFL Commissioner Roger (Jolly Roger) Goodell. But alas, that moment in time is now upon us.

The Pass Interference Call that never seems to go away is rearing it's pointless head yet again in a New Orleans courtroom after a New Orleans Attorney managed to get one of the multiple stupid lawsuits against the NFL by idiotic New Orleans Saints fans hear in court. It took awhile but we now have a case not thrown out after the deluded fan base began filing lawsuits after a controversial "Non-Call" in this past seasons NFC Championship game that their beloved Saints would go on to lose to the Los Angeles Rams.

A couple of things to remind those who seem to think this one singular play cost the Saints the game and their chance to lose in the Super Bowl: The play happened with 1:49 left in the game. Assuming---for the sake of argument, the Saints proceeded to score on the next play, the Rams would still have gotten the ball with plenty of time on the clock to potentially march down the field, score and win the game. All the defense had to do was prevent the Rams from scoring which they were not able to do.

Reason #2 your argument is stupid New Orleans: Because of the "Non-Call" you punted the ball and the Rams marched down the field, kicked a field goal and sent the game to overtime. You had a chance in overtime to win the game by getting the ball first to march down the field, score--and win the game. You did not do that. The Rams got the ball and scored....game over. You had opportunities to win after the call yet didn't.

Those are two reasons, two LARGE reasons you have no argument, no debate and no claim to well, anything. Though this being the era where everything is litigated, somehow someone found a loophole and a small enough claim of judgement to get a case heard on a local level which in the often ass-backward state of Louisiana was enough to get this pointless case heard.

There is not a single person alive outside of the Saints fanbase who believe you have a case yet one exists. A state civil district court judge bought in enough to get this moronic debate to the front of the line after the attorney, Antonio LeMon somehow managed to keep the case out of federal court and crafted it in a way that made it sound like there was some sort of conspiracy afoot.

Listen---nobody, including me questions that the officials missed the call. It's extremely clear they did. But it is not anywhere remotely near the first time there was a blatantly missed call in a football---or any other professional sports game. I know it is hard for many of you to believe this---but referees or umpires or officials are humans trying to assess and make decisions based on things that happen exceptionally fast in front of them. It is by its nature not an exact science with a 100% success rate and it never will be and you don't get do overs if you don't get it right the first time.

In reality, all this pointless legal stunt does is remind the rest of us how vain, self-centered and egomaniacal the New Orleans Saints fanbase is. Actually, it's an even bigger indictment of the legal system in the city this case actually has gotten to the point where NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the game officials are being forced to sit down to a deposition.

I have said this before and I will say it again, there is no excuse for berating an official for a call you don't like or agree with or one that might be wrong after the fact. Even in the current era we live in where conspiracy theories are treated like reality by the morons in politics, there is no proof in any way, shape or form a "Mass Conspiracy" was at play where the NFL said "Let's have the refs cause the Saints to lose on a play late in the game, we want them to lose". It's not physically or logistically possible to happen if for no other reason than you have no way of being able to know there will be a potentially game changing call late in a game which would occur at the exact right time you'd need it to happen.

But that is the "Legal" argument being used here. And it is a problem. A big problem. If people are able to use the legal system to air their grievances over judgement calls in a sporting event, we might as well eliminate officials in games. Why would anyone take a job as an official and work a game if they run the risk of being dragged into a courtroom if they make a mistake? Think about it. And think about if YOU could do these officials jobs before you sit there in your Barcolounger complaining about how they do their jobs. If you've never done their job and done it with a 100% correct efficiency level you don't get to complain about it. Period.

Prove me wrong.....(with a fact, not a "What if")