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Why are NFL Players Pissed About Their Video Game Ratings?

Wait, yeah, I know I'm old and not a "Video Gamer" but when did the games begin crossing over or begin representing "Real Life"??

I ask this question after stumbling across an article quoting a plethora of NFL Players who appeared to be miffed by their "Madden 20" rating. Which in theory makes---um less than zero sense. Except for the fact a lot of players play the game on a regular basis.

Is it ego? Is it all in good fun? Or is it a promotional opportunity for the game and it's producer Electronic Arts?

I will grant you this. Alshon Jeffrey, while a talented football players isn't exactly known as a "Speed Guy". Emmanuel Sanders

Really, I'm confused. I don't know how a video game impacts daily life. Maybe it's a talking point, ego thing. Where you can say look---even they know I can do this. Or bragging rights.

Heck, it even got the attention of Tom Brady---someone a bit older who really isn't one that who should sweat over such things.

Listen, I get it. As someone who's not well versed in Video Game lore, I understand I'm kind of out of touch. And I know Video Game competitions (E-Sports) are now a thing---a competitive, professional sport. I'm not that far out of touch to be aware that it is a thing.

So yeah, this whole thing in a way does kind of amuse me. It's funny. Seeing players confused, disappointed or sort of angry over their "Player Rating" is something you'd never imagine ever being a thing even 5 or 10 years ago.

But I guess it's a sign of the times. And a sign that I'm old......


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