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The NFL's 18 Game Season Proposal is a Blatant Money Grab

One thing you have to give the NFL credit for: They know most consumers are suckers. Or at least they believe the thought. When it comes to their game---they aren't totally wrong, but they also probably are underestimating their audience.

I say this on the heels of last weeks headlines about the Shield proposing (yet, again) and 18-game season...something they've been trying to find a way to implement for a few years now.

Only this time there's a twist. It comes quite simple because the NFL Players and their Union have opposed (rightfully so) the idea every time it comes up.

So the NFL is trying something different by floating a proposal that would add the two games to the schedule---but with a twist. The twist being players being forced to sit out two games during the season as to not allow them to add to the already brutal toll the game takes on their bodies.

Hey, listen, the sentiment itself isn't a bad one. It allows them to say they've taken a stance for "Player Safety". Which would be admirable if that were the real reason for this proposal.....

It's not.

There is no real way to sugarcoat this. Adding two regular season games to the schedule is a plain and simple "Money Grab". There's not another way to spin it. And yes, even if they eliminate two "Exhibition" games to add two regular season games---it doesn't change a thing.

There are multiple things at play here: One, exhibition games are a colossal scam/ripoff. Teams charge fans full price (same as regular season games) to see what is essentially a practice game that never really involves starters for any length of time. So the thought is, get rid of them and add two that count. Though by doing that, we essentially would make the two games the starters don't play---practice games.

It's a form of the "Hidden Ball Trick".....

By adding two "Regular Season" games---the core of the plan is simple. The Networks will have to pay even more for "Broadcast Rights". And really, that's what it boils down to. The NFL knows full well, they have the best TV property on the board right now, the ratings are an eternal winner and they get top dollar for the product.

Don't feel sorry for the NFL or the "Owners" either. Each team got a healthy $273-plus million from the league's nearly $8.8 Billion revenue sharing pie. Nobody is hurting for money in management. That's before you add in ticket sales, concessions, regional marketing etc. Yeah, that's a lot of money. It suddenly makes the $20 million player contracts seem a "cost of doing business".

There is nothing the NFL does that isn't about lining their own pockets. Nothing. It's never been about doing something for fans, doing something for players or, well, really anyone else. And listen, I understand we now live in a world where it is no longer enough for players to be making $10 or $20 million per year. Even though that figure is obscene and for most incomprehensible as to how one person could possibly spend that amount of money. It's a world that no matter how much you have---it is never enough.

I could go on about income inequality etc. but that is a different conversation for a different format.

It's bad enough NFL Owners are able to bleed cities out of hundreds of millions of dollars for new stadiums yet it happens every season. Yeah, sure there are a few owners who bear some of the cost/risk in the buildings but not many.

This despite the humongous profits the Billionaire owners rake in each season. You are talking about a sport where the lowest price tickets in the nosebleed sections cost $60-$70. By the time you fork over $20 for parking, $10 for a soda, $8 for a hotdog, you've spent $100 for one person. Imagine trying to bring a family to a game.

Listen, I'm not totally slamming the NFL as a product. The games can be fun to watch and the sport is as popular as ever. There are people in many places who's fall and winter revolve around the games and that's great.

All I'm saying is just be aware of what the league is trying to do to you. Don't naively think they're trying to force two more games into a season for your benefit, it has ZERO to do with you, me or anyone else not involved in the league. The "Two Game" off idea is just plain stupid and should be received as a direct insult to you--the fan's intelligence.

Do any of you really want to see the 2nd or 3rd string QB playing two games a year when a Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes is perfectly healthy? Do you want to see a lineup full of guys you've never hear of on the field playing just because the league wants more games to make more money because the profit they already make appears to not be enough??

Think about that last part for a minute. You and I could only have the kind of money they're talking about by playing a video game. It isn't nor should it be a relatable thing to us. Don't get taken in and suckered by blind fandom. Make the NFL earn your loyalty by putting a great product on the field every week. There is no demand---or need for two more games in the regular season. Go ahead and remind them of that any chance you get....

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