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LaVar Ball is an Embarrassment to Humanity Yet Somehow Still Gets on TV

I make no secret of my utter contempt and hatred of the "Scream-fest" sports shows that populate ESPN and Fox Sports pretty much every weekday morning. They are literally the worst of the worst when you get two taking heads---one who takes the heel position and the other the face on every hypothetical topic the show producers can dream up.

They get worse when a guest shows up.

In this case---a.k.a Exhibit A for why all of these shows should die a horrible, painful death happened Monday morning perpetually loud and painful to watch ESPN show called "First Take" when they committed an egregious violation of the public trust by putting LaVar Ball on TV again.

It didn't take long for the lying, manipulative and largely useless Ball to spit out something completely laughable and idiotic.

Listen, you and I both know why and how this embarrassing, miserable, manipulative excuse for a human being manages to get himself on TV. He is all hyperbole and will say whatever you prompt him to say no matter how outrageous or idiotic it might be. And First Take if nothing else is a show about opportunity. Opportunity to get on the public radar and be a subject of conversation (a.k.a--Go viral).

Even if it is for all the wrong reasons---like this one when the Creepy Ball made a sexist and gross comment at host Molly Qerim

I should add the "Blood Sucking Leeches" at ESPN took this video off of their page--but the Internet is gonna Internet, so this gross and unnecessary comment will live on forever.

As much as it galls me that people like LaVar Ball continue to get a platform on a TV show claiming they want to be "Legit" and to be taken seriously it's virtually impossible to do that for a variety of reasons.

I'm not going to even get in to what I think may be the real reason the creep made it on the show in the first place---the trade of his son from the Lakers to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Honestly there is NO legitimate reason this person needs to be on Television at any time on any subject. He offers nothing legitimate in terms of information or substantive conversation. He's someone who's entire life exists to self-promote himself at the expense of his mildly talented children and the idiot show bookers and producers who keep insisting the ass-clown needs to be on TV.

There are a handful of people currently taking up space and time in our current version of pop culture who have no business being there. They occupy a variety of places and rungs on the ladder of everyday life. LaVar Ball is one glaring example of a walking, talking piece of uselessness who needs to be stuck, floundering in the confines of his own home---wondering why nobody pays any attention to him and why his 15-minutes of fame have suddenly dried up, wondering why nobody wants to listen to him anymore.

ESPN and FOX Sports. The Ball is in your court--you are the problem and worst offenders. Make it happen...make LaVar Ball go away. NOW!

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