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St. Louis Winning the Stanley Cup is Why Hockey Should Get Even More Love

Before any of you say it---I know Stanley Cup Hockey gets a ton of love in the Northeast, the Midwest and in other parts of the country.

But there are still certain parts of the U.S where it barely gets noticed. It doesn't really help either that the Cup finals go head-to-head with the NBA Finals either. Thankfully they don't play on the same night.

The St. Louis Blues are arguably one of the best stories in Sports in recent memory. You see, St. Louis, while an arguably flawed city, has fans that are also likely the most devoted you'll ever see. It took 52 years before they got to celebrate with Lord Stanley's Cup and they never gave up hope, which may have made it that much more sweet.

Without going into too much detail---it's something one of Sports best and most faithful fanbases celebrated.

A lot....They sold out their home arena, even though Game 7 was played in Boston....seriously, they did.....

I've said it before and I'll say it again---you can't develop a following or passionate fans or develop favorites without giving them the love they need. Sticking with the same storylines day in and day out does not do sport any favors.

It's why Golf can't get past Tiger Woods, it's why the NBA seemingly can't get past LeBron. You have to give love to everyone or give Sports their moment in the spotlight. The Blues are an amazing story. What they've done and all the plot lines behind it should be the first thing mentioned today if you report on Sports.

But I also know certain people and certain places will never not talk NFL or NBA whether they are in season or not and I know they will have "Hot Takes" on them because it is something they can argue about.

I just wish for once they'd recognize a great story even if it isn't one of the "Big Two" sports and give it the love they deserve.

The St. Louis Blues and the NHL are that story.

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