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Kevin Durant is a Big Reason Hot Takes in Sports are Idiotic

Maybe, just maybe---a Professional Athlete with pride and the utmost knowledge of his body knows a little bit more about whether or not they are seriously hurt than someone who's never walked a mile in their shoes.

I'd love to believe---even if just for a second, that the blowhards on ESPN and Fox Sports, so many websites and Social Media posters and more would just pipe down once and stop questioning whether or not an injured athlete should or should not be playing in a game.

A game.

I know full well, it's what people now live to do: Everyone is an expert, everyone is a "Back Seat QB", anyone with access to a keyboard, a phone or video can sit there and say guys like Kevin Durant are "Dogging It" or "Is his team better without him" or some other pithy quote.

The world, in more places than just sports---has become a giant echo chamber, I get it. So many people now believe things not because they are true, not because they no better but because someone on TV or Social Media said it or Tweeted it or put it on Instagram or Facebook.

No, I can't sit here either and tell you I'm some sort of expert---I'm just another guy with some sports knowledge and my own opinions who's just taking the time to put them down on a website. And yeah, I could be wrong too. But unlike clowns like Skip Bayless and Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith on TV and half a gazillion others on websites like or sbnation or bleacher report or some random Facebook group, I'm not trying to play a role.

Sports talk has largely become a vast wasteland where everyone has an opinion. On shows like First Take and whatever Fox Sports version of that is, the blowhards will take a position not necessarily because they are right but because they can start shouting about it at each other. Just watch either of those Sports Networks in the mornings, they have no other programming than those type shows. And frighteningly, people watch---and believe these ass clowns.

If you've ever had that injury---it more often than not is a precursor to an Achilles Tendon injury. But the Warriors remained hopeful while Durant stayed off the leg, trying to rehab as best he could.

As the series has progressed, injuries have beset the Warriors and the headlines have been dominated by the following questions:

---Are the Warriors better off without Kevin Durant??

---Is the Warriors dynasty over?? ---How bad is Durant "Really" hurt?? ---Why hasn't Durant come back yet from a "Muscle Strain"??

Monday night, most of those questions were seemingly answered when the Warriors announced Durant had been cleared to play and was in the starting lineup. He seemed to pick up right where he left off, torching the Raptors for 11 1st quarter points.

It didn't work as he would crumble in a heap during the second quarter--having to be helped off the floor with what most believe is an Achilles injury.

Oh, did I mention he is in a potential "Walk" year where it has been widely rumored he'd be taking his talents somewhere other than Oakland??

Yeah, sure, he'll get his money--but whomever he ends up playing for will not get the same guy. Anyone who's ever rehabbed from this type injury will tell you it changes things.

To his credit, I doubt seriously anyone will question his dedication and heart now. But to be perfectly honest, it should not have been questioned in the first place. I do not--nor will not ever understand how someone like a Stephen A. Smith can stand in front of a camera and question someone's willingness to go to extreme's for their teammates.

There are precious few, and I mean you likely can count on your fingers--how many athletes, particularly professionals who will not try or do anything to help their teammates when you are playing for a Championship. If you can find an example of someone dogging it in a title series, I'd like to see it.

And that goes back to my point. If you want to quote statistics, break down plays, talk about players struggling or in a slump and looking to get back---go for it. It's fair game.

But stop questioning their heart. Stop accusing them of "Dogging" it. By no means is Kevin Durant the first athlete to risk a career threatening injury to play in a Championship Series nor will he be the last.

So just once, please stop looking for a conspiracy or coming up with imaginary ways to fill programming or content by speculating about it.

You'll be doing everyone on every level of Sports and Life in General a favor that maybe, if we're lucky, will catch on and change the god awful vortex currently over-running our daily lives.

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