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The New York Jets Ownership are a Bunch of Morons

J-E-T-S ?? or Jest??

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new leader in the clubhouse for weirdest---and quite possibly dumbest NFL team on the planet. And no, I nor you should feel sorry for them.

The New York Jets capped off a bizarre, questionable series of behind the scene maneuvers by dumping now former GM Mike MacCagan and Personnel Director Brian Heimerdinger---after Free Agency, after the Draft and during "Organized Team Activities".

Even weirder---they named Head Coach Adam Gase---who was fired for doing a crappy job with the Miami Dolphins, the interim GM.

Strangest part of all---both men who were fired, oversaw what is widely considered a very good draft and signed marquee Free Agent RB Le'Veon Bell

However behind the scenes, many consider the Bell signing as the issue. So much so that it's been publicly reported by multiple outlets and Gase said himself, he did not think Bell was worth 4-years at $52 million with $35 million guaranteed. His signing basically means the team is stuck with the maligned RB pretty much for the length of the contract no matter what.

What's stranger still is team CEO Christopher Johnson telling everyone he had to get more involved with the day-to-day inner workings of the team to find out where the problems lied. The only conclusion we can draw is Johnson decided it was Maccagan and Heimerdinger.

He and others denied there was a rift between the GM and the Coach and maybe there wasn't, but no amount of spin in the world will convince anyone there wasn't a problem.

Here's a "Duh" question: If Johnson was so involved---why would he sign off on everything the GM and Personnel guy did over the past several months then abruptly ax them?? Surely he was aware of what had been going on? Right? Don't for a minute assume that. Rich people by their nature are often disconnected from the inner workings of people who actually do their bidding. Many are awkward and aloof people who don't connect with the working man. Some are more involved than others---see Jerry Jones or Arthur Blank or Bob Kraft, but most are just bizarre people who live in a separate universe where everyone kowtows to their every whim.

No, I don't really care when push comes to shove if the Jets are successful. They can go 2-14 as far as I'm concerned.

My point is this: A pro sports team can't function when things like this happen. They can't be a cohesive unit, they can be successful when the front office is working on different pages. I laughed when the Jets hired Gase--who at one point had a reputation as a great "Offensive" football mind but could never lift the Dolphins past an 8-8 record. I"m laughing more after yesterday.

Keeping being a dysfunctional, crappy New York Sports team Jets, keeping being you. Maybe, just maybe at some point in time the Networks and people who report on Sports will understand this and start not covering you and instead paying attention to the teams in smaller markets who should get the love.

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