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Why Would anyone join the Los Angeles Lakers?

Time to face reality Basketball fans, as much as they are a "Beloved" franchise who had some incredible glory days---nobody in their right minds wants any part of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Every sport has their "Incompetently" managed teams and it sometimes is a cyclical thing.

Right now, the Lakers are the NBA's version of a running gag.

Honestly, I'm not even sure where to start.....

Team legend Magic Johnson just decided in the middle of a day to walk away from "Team President" duties as the season would to a close. He didn't tell anyone, just called over some of his writer friends and said "I'm done".....

Maybe it's the handling of the current coaching search. Because, well, the Lakers---former Coach Luke Walton was let go after what many termed an "Underachieving Season". The team finished 37-45, a 2 win improvement after the previous season.

The Lakers tried to hire former Cleveland coach Tyron Lue. Lue tried to negotiate a deal with new team prez Rob Pelinka. Lue decided it wasn't worth it and walked away.

Or maybe it was the curse of LeBron James? James is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to ever play in the league. LeBron also finished his 15th season at age 34 with as much or more mileage on his legs than any player in the league. And that doesn't even address the need to be the center of everything, nor his control over what happens with the team.

That didn't happen as the Pelicans asked for a ton of Laker talent in return (rightfully so).

Maybe it all lies in the hands of team owner Jeanie Buss. Buss is the one who hired Johnson, who struggled to find relevant and good talent and botched several negotiations. Buss also promoted Pelinka who many believe was actually the one who made the poor decisions.

Needless to say---despite the super intense NBA Playoffs featuring some awesome teams including Golden State, Houston, Milwaukee and more, we're going to hear more about a middling, low-level team with little talent, a chaotic and poorly run front office and LeBron James for the next couple of months.

And that's kind of sad for a franchise that was once the epitome of what was right with the game....

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