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Imagine Nick Saban or Other College Football Coaches Having to Provide a Weekly Injury Report

Do any of you actually think that College Football's elite programs would be willing to furnish a weekly injury report to aid or assist gamblers?

If you do, I've got some fantastic swampland near the Arctic Circle to sell you.

According to a report on CBS Sports website Wednesday, the NCAA's "Gambling Working Group" is considering a proposal that would require College Football programs to provide a weekly injury report much like NFL teams do during the season.

Reporter Dennis Dodd says the report would require teams to not have to list specific body part injuries---instead just stating "Available, Possible or Unavailable" for active players.

Um, yeah, not seeing this happen. Even if the NCAA requires it, I don't see a universe where Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Dabo Swinney, Lincoln Riley or any other Power Five Coach at the top of the rankings ever would be totally honest about this.

Ask any of them if they care about making sure Gamblers have the latest information to make bets. Go ahead, ask them.

Listen, I get it. I understand since the Supreme Court essentially has green light Sports Gambling at pretty much every level--the minutiae of the games will be scrutinized closer than they ever have before.

But you and I both know College Coaches, particularly football coaches are the most paranoid of them all. Most of them fully believe spies watch practices trying to cobble together scouting reports based on practices and observe which players participate and which don't due to injury.

Mind you, this fully disregards the massive amount of game tape exchanged between opponents each week. And yeah, I know, it just show what a team does in games, not special plays worked on for an individual performance, I understand that part.

Yes, I largely understand why coaches would be reluctant to be very honest about injuries etc. Coaches in most every sport are evasive at minimum when it comes to player status. College teams usually cite HIPPA Laws as a reason and protection from having to disclose injuries. And technically they are correct.

But at the same time, if they so chose--they could easily disclose vague descriptions or acknowledge someone is injured without having to directly violate the law. TV News organizations get conditions on victims of crashes and crimes all the time from Public Safety organizations. Those descriptions are not specific, but are more than adequate.

So the HIPPA excuse is to an extent just that--an excuse. I should also note, Professional Sports are not subject to the same rule/law as a technically private business.

I will also add here before I wrap up that I'm not a fan of "Sports Betting" on College Games. There is no good that will come of it. If you want to bet on Pro Sports---knock yourselves out. But College and College kids are far more naive or open to being influenced by a gambler looking for an edge. Professionals are grown ups and less likely to be suckered in.

College Kids as a rule have very little money (Thanks archaic NCAA rules) and can be bought. It's been proven over and over again. But in the universe we currently occupy, it's been ruled perfectly acceptable for the gambling world to encroach on a technically amateur sport

So we'll have to live with the repercussions of the that.

And really, at the end of the day---we all just want to see Nick Saban's face and hear his soundbite when he's told he has to provide an injury report----right??

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