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Does Anyone Seriously Believe There is a Massive NBA Conspiracy Against the Houston Rockets?

There is no such thing as a perfect referee and if you've ever played the game of Basketball you should know there is no way to call every single potential infraction against both teams or you'd not have any semblance of an actual game.

The Houston Rockets do...or should know this but are now calling out the NBA and its referee's claiming when the Rockets play---and according to them, the Rockets only---fouls and violations that should be called aren't.

Mind you this is the same team who's best player---James Harden, technically commits a traveling violation every single time he launches his "Step Back" jumper.

Yet the NBA doesn't call that violation---nor do they call what clearly looks sometimes like the four or five steps players often take before dunks or layups. They don't call guys for "Palming" or rolling over the ball when they dribble it and they don't call every single "3 Second" lane violation call that happens either.

It just doesn't---and can't happen if for no other reason than pace of play.

ESPN reports the Rockets prepared an audit memo they were going to deliver to NBA League offices claiming they found 81 potential missed calls or non-calls in their 2018 Western Conference Finals Game 7 matchup vs. eventual NBA Champs the Golden State Warriors.

In case you missed it, the whole reason we are having this discussion: The Rockets crying "Foul" over what they claim were multiple "Non-Calls" during Game 1 of the 2019 Western Conference finals again vs. the Golden State Warriors. Especially this.....

Sorry kids. That ain't a foul. Not in the NBA, not in College, High School, AAU, Little League, Middle School League or even on the playground. And yes, I'm fully aware of the rule stating you can't interfere with a jump shooting players landing spot. This play CLEARLY does not violate that rule.

The Rockets go on in their 2018 memo which they never sent (they met with NBA leadership), to claim the 2018 "No-Calls" cost them an NBA Championship which they valued at over $20 million.

It also leaves out MULTIPLE important details: One, it's a bold assumption they too would have beaten the 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers. Sure, the Cavs were overmatched vs. the Warriors, but the games are played for a reason.

Two, working off the wild assumption the accusations are accurate regarding calls against the Rockets---the team seemingly leaves out the number of calls agains their opponents that weren't called either.

The Rockets also want the league to change their methodology of assigning referees to games, claiming veteran referees are biased against them. They want the NBA to also add a 4th ref to the court during games.

Okay, listen, I get what Houston is trying to do. If you can't beat an opponent on the court---cast doubt in the minds of others. There is no other way to see this.

This is all a "Head Game" played with the intent of trying to either (a) Influence calls from here on out or (b) Plant the thought the NBA plays favorites and is corrupt. It's a dangerous tactic and one used in politics quite often in the current era. It also got people talking---you can't read any Sports Website or listen to Sports Talk radio in an NBA town without this topic now being heatedly debated.

I don't have anything against the Rockets, I like James Harden and think he's an immensely talented player but they need to stop. They need to stop whining, need to stop crying "Conspiracy". Karma is a scary beast, one not to be toyed with like this if they want to win.

It's a bad look for Houston, really bad. More importantly trying to plant doubt in the neutrality of the NBA is a very, very dangerous accusation. Yeah, sure, I'm aware of many of you who claim the NBA and other Professional Sports Leagues fix games to make sure they have the best "TV Ratings" matchup.

But if you believe that, you probably think Hurricanes are created by giant wind machines created for political purposes too. And there is nothing I or anyone else can say that will make you understand just how "Looney Tunes" conspiracy theories in real life actually are.

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