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Did the NCAA Tournament Committee Finally Get March Madness Right?

Could it be? After decades upon decades of whining and complaining by schools, fans and writers the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Committee always did a crappy job---the Committee finally got it right? Yup. It certainly appears that way.

You aren't going to find many people (Someone will always complain on Social Media--it's what the format exists for) who are going to say "So and so school got robbed"....or the committee played favorites.

There was only one minor curveball---Oregon running the table in the Pac 12 tournament with a 23-12 record jumbled things a bit though I don't know if it would have changed anything.

Had the Ducks lost---North Carolina Greensboro who went 28-6 during the regular season might have made it. The Spartans played a worthy schedule but alas---did not win the Southern Conference tournament, losing to champ Wofford not once, but 3 times.

North Carolina State and their fans are probably whining a bit---they won 22 games, including 9 in the always tough ACC. However losing to a pretty bad Georgia Tech team among others did nothing to set the Wolfpack apart from other worthy teams.

There were a handful of other teams who had at least a long shot at getting in---but all had more than 10-losses each, which is never a good thing when you're trying to talk your way into the tournament.

All in all---5 of the Top 6 seeds in the tournament play in either the ACC (3) or SEC (2), which should tell you where the favorites may end up being. There are 2 Big 10 teams in the bottom half of the Top 10 seeds.

It should make for a fun tournament with some seriously talented teams with different strengths all having a shot at the title---which, to be perfectly honest means someone is going to have to beat Zion Williamson and his Duke compadres.

There's a reason March Madness is ALWAYS one of the greatest stretches of competition in not only College Sports but Sports at any level and is why I, and I suspect a heck of a lot of others---are really looking forward to see how it all plays out.

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