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LeBron is Done and We Need to Stop Showing the Lakers

Hooray for Hollywood, right??

You can call LeBron James rightfully one of the greatest basketball players of all times. There is no debate about it. Nobody can question what the guy has accomplished--including passing his idol and arguably the Greatest of All Time, Michael Jordan just the other night on the list of all-time scoring. He's now in 4th place.

At age 34, James is about to finish his 16th season in the NBA. Outside this season where he sat for 17 games with a groin injury, he's played in over 1,200 games and averages nearly 39 minutes a game (games are 48 minutes),

It doesn't matter how well the guy is conditioned, that mileage has added up. Combine it with playing on a Los Angeles Lakers team which isn't very good and you get a team not making the playoffs and more importantly a star who is "Mailing it in".

Yup, I said it. LeBron James is on cruise control. He doesn't appear---at least on TV to be very interested if he doesn't think his team will or is capable of winning.

You want proof....

There's NO excuse for that. None. Especially for someone who wants to be considered the greatest....

It comes just a week after teammate Kyle Kuzma had to shove James out to cover a wide open shooter in another game....

Those are on-court question marks. What's been worse---the off-court drama. James is represented by Rich Paul of "Klutch Sports" which was formed primarily due to James. Klutch also happens to represent New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis and Paul made headlines when he went public stating Davis wanted to leave New Orleans when his contract was over.

Immediately and indirectly it was understood James wanted Davis to come play for him with the Lakers.

Which set off a whole new stage for drama when the negotiations between the Lakers and Pelicans went public and it was revealed who the Lakers were offering for Davis in a trade.

Yeah, that didn't go over well with Lebron's teammates. At all....

What tops all of this is the morbid fascination ESPN, Turner Sports, the NBA Network and others have with breathlessly reporting on the Lakers and their futile chase for the last playoff spot in the NBA's Western Conference, something they will come nowhere near getting.

Folks, it's time to move on. Acknowledge James for what he was. A great and transcendent talent who had skills rarely seen in the NBA.

His early years were great enough to lift a very weak Cleveland Cavalier squad to the playoffs and to NBA Championship series. He had little to know help in those years but a young James with much less mileage could carry them.

We all know about "The Decision" and the Miami move along with the success there. That Heat team featured a young Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and were talented enough that James didn't have to do ALL the lifting.

Same thing when he returned to Cleveland. Kyrie Irving and the oft maligned Kevin Love were enough of a supporting cast that a still not road worn James could win.

But at a certain point in everyone's life you just can't do the things you did when you were younger. The mind may tell you you're able but the body can't finish.

At a certain point in all of your athletic endeavors there comes a point where you become aware you aren't the same as you were 10 or 20 years previous.

LeBron is at that point.

Listen, the guy has a lot going on off the court too. His production company has been wildly successful and he's been an adroit businessman.

Maybe it's time to look at doing the things that are new and growing. As much as nobody wants to admit it, that time is approaching faster each day.

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