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Johnny Manziel got banned from a Professional Football League and Doesn't Deserve any more Oppor

I guess it really is true that if you achieve a certain level of fame at some point in your life, you'll always have opportunities to capitalize on it.

Such is the life of former Heisman Trophy Winner and unsuccessful Pro Quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Put it to you this way, if Manziel was a cat, he's already used at least 5 or more of his 9 lives.

The most recent failure on his part---getting released...and subsequently banned from the Canadian Football League for what was termed "Contravening his agreement" with the Montreal Alouettes. Both the team and the league would not specify what triggered this, only that it happened.

The report had barely been retweeted when speculation began about where "Johnny Football" would land next. The oft troubled Manziel has battled a lot of demons in his life including substance (alcohol) abuse and personality disorders and was thought to have been on the right track.

He did get some playing time while up North, the thought being his style would mesh well with the wide-open field and style of the CFL.

His numbers this season in Montreal were pedestrian at best, though he did start or play in 8-games. He completed over 64% of his passes--but also threw 7 interceptions while only throwing for 5-TD's.

Still, within minutes after the announcement, there was speculation he'd land quickly with a team in the AAF. (According to league rules--he's eligible to be signed by San Antonio)

However I don't know it will or should happen.

While the AAF could certainly use a "Headline" name on the field, something about the Alouette's announcement rings of "Off-Field" problems. Just because he's a "Big Name" doesn't mean he should automatically play.

Same for the XFL though I suspect Vince McMahon may not have the same hesitation when it comes to the potential off-field issues.

Listen, I'm all for a guy getting another chance. I'm all for trying to find yourself and overcoming your demons.

I really hope whatever is in this guy's head gets resolved, that he finds a happy place.

Football is not it.

While he put up great numbers in College and somehow ended up a 1st round draft pick, he's far from the only QB with the same resume who bombed in the NFL.

The guy is not that talented, he's not good enough to stick in the big-boy league. It's not to say he couldn't play in the Minors (AAF/XFL) if he so chose, considering the lack of talented QB's in both the NFL and the other leagues, I guess it is possible if he got his life together, he could slip into a roster spot. (See Raiders, Oakland and backup QB Nathan Peterman)....

Anyway, my point is---When is enough, enough? How many behavior/off-field mistakes do you get before you are done? I think for a marginally talented guy like Manziel, he should be out of strikes.

But something tells me, that is not likely to happen.

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