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Why are the NBA and Those Who Cover it Fixated on Super Teams?

Yeah, I know I've harped on this incessantly but I still don't understand why the NBA not only allows but seemingly encourages "Super Teams"....

And it isn't only the league, if you watch Sports on ESPN or FOX Sports or listen to Sports Talk in any form, they drone on incessantly about which Superstar is going to play with another super star on a particular team.

What makes it worse--all the conversation about the NBA this season isn't about who is going to win the title, who's going to the playoffs--it's about where is Anthony Davis going to play next season. It's about what is Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving going to do in 2020.


Is it that important to know what Superstar is willing to play with LeBron in Los Angeles with the Lakers? Do we have to know NOW if the Warriors will get broken up in 2020? I'm serious. Someone needs to explain how this all matters in 2019? Why does it matter during the current season??

Sure, I've already hit on the stupidity of Anthony Davis's agent Rich Paul who clearly overstepped his bounds by declaring Davis is done in New Orleans and tried in vain to orchestrate a trade to the Lakers. The whole thing blew up in his face, made his client look greedy and selfish and got the talking heads wondering if the deal didn't happen---does anyone want to play in L.A.

My question is why would you? Heck, I don't know why anyone thought LeBron would make the Lakers any kind of a playoff or title threat despite his presence. The Lakers, while flush with some decent young talent, don't have nearly enough to compete in the stacked NBA West.

If you insist on talking about a mediocre Lakers team, that should be the conversation. LeBron circa 2019 is not the same guy he was in 2007 or 2008 when he could lift a mediocre Cleveland Cavalier squad to overachieve because of how good he was.

At age 34 with 15 NBA seasons on his legs, he ain't the same guy. Period.

But then there is Davis. And Kevin Durant. And Irving.

All guys who could be on the move in 2020. Oh, Klay Thompson of the Warriors too.


I love watching and following basketball, I always have. I enjoy the NBA and want to see it be successful.

But I want it to be successful for more than four teams. I want there to be a superstar or competitive team in every market which right now--it isn't.

Why does Los Angeles or Boston or Golden State have to be the home of multiple elite players? Why does Phoenix have to suck every year? Why are the Cavaliers the worst defensive team in modern NBA history??

I'll keep going: Why can't teams in Memphis or Atlanta or Orlando or even New Orleans be competitive? Why do they have to find young players, develop them only to see them leave when it comes time to pay them?

Sports are no fun if you know who is going to win all the time. Why bother having other franchises if you are going to have five loaded with Superstars and 25 without??

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why would I spend $150 of my hard earned pay to go to a game when I know who is going to win. Why would I pay that to see a team that has no chance?? Don't give me the whole "On any given night" thing.....I'm talking about for a season.

And yes, baseball has the same problem. It isn't any fun when you know at least 20 of the 30 or so teams have no chance to get in the playoffs or compete for a title before the first game is ever played.

Which unfortunately is the world in which we currently live....

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