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Let's Get the NFL to Move the Super Bowl to Saturday Night

Yes, I know, this years Super Bowl was in many ways the dullest, worst played game in recent memory. The game ended at 10pm or so and for many, it meant a slow, sluggish Monday morning.

Over the weekend, I saw what arguably is the best Super Bowl suggestion I've seen: Move the game to Saturday night.

The idea never really crossed my mind, but after reading the For The Win/USA Today column, it makes perfect sense.

Think about it. There really is NO legitimate reason the game is played on Sunday night other than its what the NFL has always done and the regular season games are largely played on Sunday's.

But a Sunday night game is legitimately inconvenient for almost every single person not playing the game. Yes, I know, I'm fully aware getting a bunch of 60-plus year old NFL Billionaire overlords to do something which would be beneficial for the fans and the gazillion people having to change their work lives in order to host the game is like asking for a culturally edgy half-time performer which we all know will never happen.

I know, the game gets monster level TV ratings every single year. It's the single biggest Sporting Event of every year. Mind you it is not attended by much of the general public which might have at least a little to do with the TV ratings.

But those ratings would be the same no matter what day the game was played. I'd be willing to bet very few people would say "Nope, I'm not watching the game if it isn't on Sunday night". In fact, I'd also wager the ratings would go up.

Think about it: For most of us, the game means going to a party at a friends house or hosting one at your own home. Or it means going to a Sports Bar, Private Part or other event where the game is the featured entertainment.

Or more specifically: What night is traditionally the biggest go out on the town, wide open, no responsibility the next day day more than Saturday? It would allow anyone not working on Sunday the opportunity to sleep in, to not worry about rolling out of bed and going to work. It would mean not having to avoid planning travel or doctors appointments or anything else on Monday mornings.

It would allow the volunteers. Yes, the Super Bowl...or more specifically the NFL are a bunch of Billionaire leeches who basically rely on free work by volunteers in the host city and more specifically free money from the host cities to get through the week.

It would allow those people to have a day off before returning to their paying jobs. It would allow the host city a chance to clean up, have some time to decompress before returning to normal.

However this is the NFL we're talking about. The NFL takes ideas or suggestions to improve the experience for others and traditionally ignores or swats them away like a fruit fly.

Which I suspect is what will happen here.

Holding their marquee event on Sunday means they would not have Saturday night to allow all of their corporate sponsors and others surrounding the event an extra night of crazy, extravagant parties. It would not allow for the concerts and other events surrounding the game a Saturday night to take advantage of and that ultimately will be the reason a change will never happen.

It's unfortunate for the everyday folks who don't make 6 or seven figures on their yearly income statements. But then again, very few things the NFL...or really any other Professional Sport (including College Football) ever does is for the benefit of those who really are the backbone of supporters.

I hope some of you read this and say "Hey, maybe that guy nobody ever heard of is on to something" and come up with your own reason or movement to get the game changed.

Strike that---I'm pleading with you to do it.

I can't take credit and not enough of you will read or care about this to pass it on.

But if just one of you do, pass it on to someone with a bigger voice. Someone with the power to be heard and start a it.

Why not? What the heck does anyone have to lose here?

Maybe just once someone will do something that makes sense and is better for everyone rather that doing it the way it has always been done because it's the way they've always done it....

But maybe, hopefully, I could be wrong.

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