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Now We're Questioning NFL Referee's About Their Hometowns?

Okay, yeah, sure---I know we currently live in a time where leaders tell you the truth isn't the truth unless they tell you it is and conspiracy theories run amok due to Social Media, but this may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

It started on the Sunday before Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta when ESPN's NFL "Insider" Adam Schefter produced a story stating the "League" is concerned this years Super Bowl Referees include 4 Game Officials who currently reside in Southern California....

Yes, not that there are even the slightest hint the officials are fans of the recently relocated (2017) Los Angeles Rams, but that they live somewhere in the massive Southern California area.

And before you ask....yes---all four worked the NFC Championship Game where the most over dramatized "Non-Call" in NFL history was made during the Rams/Saints game.

Schefter's report does not imply in any way the officials did anything wrong in any way, shape or form---but the "Homer" inferences are clear here.

Listen---I know full well some of you will read this and say "How do you know if the refs are favoring one team or another?" or "How do you know if they aren't fans of the team where they live?". And quite honestly----I can't sit here and say I do nor am I trying to.

What I'm saying is there is a certain amount of "Implied Trust" when it comes to...well any facet of everyday life. We all HAVE to assume the majority of people are good, honest folks trying to do the right thing in whatever it is they do.

And unless there is evidence or things that clearly show deception, favoritism or dishonesty---none of us should go through life assuming everyone is out to screw everyone else over. It's no way to function on a mentally stable existence.

Which is in large part why I say the implication a person paid to referee a football game is "Biased" for or against a team who's game they are working is ludicrous....

I know---a frightening amount of people think the refs or in many cases announcers "Have it in" for their favorite sports team. Which is arguably the most laughable part of the conspiracy argument.

Announcers in particular may have a team where they have more friends or are friendly with more people, but they get paid whether that team wins or loses. Saying something you don't like about your team hardly makes them biased. Talking more about one team over the other is mostly a perception issue on your part.

But to limit "Game Officials" because of where they live opens up a can of worms that likely won't get put back in.

How do you regulate game assignments, especially a game like the Super Bowl where you want the best of the best Officials working the game? How do you factor in Geography for something like that?? Your best are your best no matter where they live.

Never mind the implication that if you live an area you must be a fan of the local team.....

How many of you have lived in the town who's team you are a fan of your entire life? I'm sure there are some in the Northeast or Midwest who can say they have, but somewhere like Atlanta or Los Angeles where half the population isn't originally from there.... ain't happening.

My guess is this came up after the Saints game because so many in New Orleans whined the referees screwed them out of a win by missing a really obvious call.

So stop with the damn conspiracy bullshit y'all....If you're an NFL Referee part of the job description is to call a game how you see it. But NFL Referee's just like every single person on the planet...are human and sometimes make mistakes.

It happens. If any of you say you are "Perfect" at your job---well, you probably also believe the conspiracy....

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