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Why Do So Many People Hate Tom Brady?

The headline is the headline here, why do so many people have so much hate for New England Patriots QB Tom Brady? I say this despite growing up a Miami Dolphins fan and not a fan of Brady and the Patriots. (Note: I still love my Dolphins and want the Patriots to lose all the time. But I respect them.)

However, not being a fan doesn't mean I don't respect what either of them have done over the past two decades.

Not a single person reading this column thought for a minute Brady would engineer a drive after the Patriots received the ball in Overtime during last weeks AFC Championship Game vs. Kansas City in front of a deafeningly loud crowd in Arrowhead Stadium. And yep, just like you thought, it's exactly what happened.

Before getting into the details, there are some people who just say "I hate him", "I hate the Patriots because they win all the time". Those same people (you know who you are), are and would be over the Moon happy if it were THEIR team doing this. Don't deny it, you know it is true.....

Would I like to see someone else win and be in the Super Bowl? Sure I would. But to quote Ric Flair---"To be the gotta beat the man" and thus far almost nobody has been able to do it.

Look at the statistics:

--40 Postseason Games. The guy has played in 40 Playoff Games in 18-years. Yes, it's an NFL Record

--5 Super Bowl Titles. Most EVER by an NFL QB

--4 Super Bowl MVP Awards. Most EVER by an NFL QB

--3 NFL MVP Awards

--232: Most Games won by an NFL Quarterback. Most in NFL History

--8: Most Super Bowl Appearances by an NFL QB

Listen, maybe it's something the guy has done to you that makes you hate him, but how can you not respect what he's done and continues to do at the age of 41, an age most NFL QB's are already in the Broadcast Booth.

Maybe it's the fact he is seemingly happily married to a Brazilian Super Model. Maybe it is the somewhat bizarre but apparently effective off season diet and training regiment the guy seems to be trying to market and sell to others.


I'm pretty sure Tom Brady isn't asking you to be his friend.

In fact--the guy seems to use your hate as motivation:

Really, all I'm asking is for my Social Media friends to shut up. It is laughable to see how many of them say they won't watch the Super Bowl because Brady and the Patriots are in it. And hey, if you don't its your choice.

So many of you would rather just post stuff like this than respect what the guy does:

But you are missing a chance to witness history. You're missing a chance to see something you'll likely never see again.

Tom Brady may not be "Your" guy, he may not play for "Your" team, but to hate on a guy for being the best ever at what he does says more about you than it does him.

Plus, there is not a single one of you "Haters" out there who would feel this way if he were the QB of "YOUR" team.

Not one of you.....

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