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Despite What You Think Professional Sports Are Not a Grand Conspiracy

((Stock Super Bowl Photo))

Sigh....I know going in it is a "Thing" these days for people to post, express, share and believe in Conspiracy theories because they are now peddled as legitimate by people casting doubts on....well---everything that doesn't come from them.

Let's cut to the chase: The NFL is NOT fixed. The league does not dictate to the referees who wins nor do the TV Networks tell the league they must have a specific team in the Super Bowl.

Sure, it might happen in a movie or book---but no, that does not make it true.

It frightens me to see how many people took immediately to Social Media after the Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams spouting statements like: "The NFL didn't want the Saints to win", "The refs deliberately cost the Saints the game" or "The Rams won because the league or CBS wanted a Los Angeles team in the game".

Do any of you REALLY believe that to be true? Do you have even the slightest shred of legitimate evidence to prove anything of the sort?

...............I'm waiting............

Yeah, I thought so.

To debunk what you answered my question with:

1---No, the missed passed interference call in the Saints game was not deliberate. It was a really horrible mistake at a bad time. But it was just that---a mistake. It did not cause the Saints to lose as they still had multiple chances to win the game after the missed call. They were incapable of doing it.

However New Orleans residents and fans---and even the owner are angry, convinced the bad call was the reason they lost and that the call was missed intentionally.

Check out the letter Saints owner Gayle Benson wrote to the league shortly after the game--it is um, eye opening...

2---No, the league doesn't care if Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady (love him or hate him) is arguably the G.O.A.T at the Quarterback position. Give the man 2 minutes and 80 yards in a close game and he will likely beat you. The referees did NOT miss the Dee Ford offsides penalty that kept the Patriots drive alive. Bad timing for the Chiefs, but it was not a made up call.

3---The TV Networks don't nor have they ever dictated matchups. They sell the ad inventory before the game is ever played. They and the league get paid no matter who is in the game. The game will always sell out before the teams are announced because 90% of all fans don't get to attend the game.

4---There is no "Bias" against "Smaller Market" teams. If Green Bay, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New Orleans or Oakland is good enough to win and get in, they are embraced just like everyone else. Do you really think the league is conspiring to keep one of its biggest stars--Aaron Rodgers from playing in the game??

5--The referees are not biased against teams. They may be inconsistent and make mistakes--but they don't have a vested interest in who wins or loses. Yes, the league has a referee problem--but the problem stems from the refs not being paid/full time employees who are not always trained to be the best they can be at their jobs. Like YOU and ME, referees make mistakes. We ALL make mistakes in our jobs. Their mistakes are on a bigger stage and impact a game---not your chill the fuck out.

I know full well at least some of you won't believe me. It's frightening to me how many of my friends spit out conspiracies and unverified information on Social Media and truly believe it. When I try to debunk them, the answer is often "Do you know that it's wrong?"

Even if I go look up the information to debunk it, they say that information is subjective.

Listen---we live in a world (at least in the U.S) where leaders debunk stories they don't like or agree with or don't help advance their agenda by calling them "Fake". Those same people will share the wildest, craziest conspiracies they come across and legitimize them by sharing. A scary amount of people believe those leaders instead of the original messenger (journalist usually).

It's also a world where those who are trying to inform are slammed for having an agenda (much like the NFL or NBA) because it doesn't fit with an individuals world view. It's a subject far greater minds than mine can discuss and break down---but at the same time its the reason so many are convinced Professional Sports are fixed.

Conspiracies are just that---thoughts or ideas brought up because the way events unfold don't fit someone's narrative or message they are trying to get across.

Due to Social Media and to some extent TV and Movies, it for whatever reason sounds better or makes people feel better to believe some dark, sinister force is working behind the scenes to make things happen which those same people question events as they happen.

I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist or someone who understands how to change or even explain people's belief systems, I'm just someone who doesn't buy into everything they see or read on the internet.

I wish there were more people who subscribed to that belief, it would make things a lot less contentious and put an end to so much underlying anger by those who want events to be more than they actually are...

But I guess I could be wrong and we could be living in the Matrix too....

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