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Pass Interference Wasn't Why The Saints Lost on Sunday

Don't get me wrong: It may have been the worst timing for a missed call in NFL history. But it was neither unprecedented nor was it why the Saints lost the NFL Championship game to the Los Angeles Rams.

It COULD have been a factor---but even after the play and despite some strange play calls by Head Coach Sean Payton, the Saints still had opportunities to win.

Sure, there was only 1:45 left in the game at that point, but the score was still 20-20 before the play....and after it.

Any person---any one of you who think it cost them a TD and the game, is sorely mistaken. In the NFL, it doesn't matter where or how close to the goal line you are, there is no way to assume you are scoring a touchdown. You have to earn it.

At that point, New Orleans had the lead. All they needed to do was keep the Rams from scoring with less than 1:30 on the clock.

They couldn't do it.

The Saints "Prevent Defense" prevented almost nothing, allowing the Rams to march right down the field before they would end up having to settle for a Greg Zuerlein 48-yard Field Goal with 15 seconds left, tying the game at 23.

Stop the Rams from getting in Field Goal position---and the Saints win the game.

Period. End of argument....the penalty doesn't matter.

Yet even going to overtime, New Orleans STILL had a chance to win. They got the ball first, the Rams kicked to one of the NFL's most lethal offenses at home in front of a crazed and raucous crowd.

But instead of methodically trying to move the ball downfield, Payton called 3 pass plays and a draw play that lost 6 yards. On the last of those plays---QB Drew Brees, who had a great game, got hit by Rams DE Dante Fowler while trying to throw the ball and it was picked off. Rams ball on their own 46.

Still, New Orleans just had to stop Los Angeles from moving the ball, they'd get it back with plenty of time left to win the game.

Again, the defense couldn't prevent the Rams from scoring.

The Rams managed to move the ball incrementally (only a few yards) before Zuerlein stepped up and smacked a 57-yard Field Goal to win the game thanks to the NFL's antiquated overtime rule. (Which is a big issue and a whole separate discussion).

So, while yeah, I feel for ya New Orleans fans and players---but please, stop whining about getting robbed.

You weren't.

The referees missed a call at a crucial time which hurt your CHANCES to win, but they were not the reason you didn't. It was not anywhere near the only missed call on the day.

Oh, and for those of you crying about the league not allowing replay's on Pass Interference calls. Stop whining! You likely are the same people who if the roles were reversed would have said "Ok, nope, can't replay that".....

So you have no right...or argument here.

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