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Please Stop Trying to Feed the Clemson Tigers

This is not a political statement but rather a plea to those who feel the need to offer free meals to the Clemson Tigers football team after their visit to the White House.


Regardless of your political affiliation or what you think about the gesture, just stop. I say this for one reason..and one reason only.

The NCAA will hunt you down. No, they won't penalize you. But they WILL penalize Clemson.

That's right, the NCAA will not have any of this. You can't give the team a free meal no matter how you present it. Believe it or not, it's what the usually toothless...except for when they aren't NCAA investigative team will classify what you are doing as one thing, and one thing only.

Impermissible Benefits....

I know, impermissible is a big word. A very big word. But essentially it means you can't give anything free to an active NCAA athlete.

And while the Clemson Tigers have several players on the 2018-19 National Championship team who were Seniors and have used up their eligibility, there are far more who haven't.

It all means offers like this---are pointless....


Michael Strahan, you should know the NCAA won't allow it....

Okay, so maybe if ESPN footed the bill they would---but that's a separate issue.

The point I'm trying to make is this, and no I'm not offering my take on the food served to the team during their White House visit. It is what it is and these days everyone is going to offer an opinion based on their belief set. Me, I don't care.

It's done. The Tigers went to Washington. They did a photo op with the guy who holds the title of President. It's what teams often in do in Sports.

If you want to make jokes about it---knock yourselves out, me, I don't care.

But stop offering the team free meals. It's made worse with the various TV Stations, Networks and websites who keep talking about the "Gestures" made by famous people to give the Clemson Tigers a free meal.

EVERY one of them is grandstanding. They can't give the Tigers a free meal. They can't undo what has been done.

So stop reporting on restaurants and celebrities saying "Come have a meal on me/us Clemson". It ain't happening.

The NCAA will never...EVER allow it.

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