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Nobody Thinks the Patriots Can't Win Games Except the Patriots

When everything else fails, I suppose you have to find something to motivate you---or the team you play for and what better than casting yourself as "The Underdog". The world is against you, the experts don't think you're capable, everyone thinks you can't do what you are trying to do.

And hey, who doesn't like a great "Underdog" story, right?

All that being said, it was really hard to not laugh Sunday afternoon shortly after Tom Brady and the New England Patriots wrapped up a frighteningly efficient and easy 41-28 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in their Divisional Playoff Game.

Brady---of course...was the target for "Post Game" interview time on field. He was corralled by CBS Sideline Reporter Tracy Wolfson's producer and proceeded to utter one of the funniest things I think I've ever heard him say.

Yup, that's right. Brady and his teammates have thrown the "Everyone is Against Us" card.

Listen, it is no secret the Patriots weren't the Steamroller all season long that many seem to expect. However this is the Patriots, the Alabama of the NFL, the team who has won, what 5 Super Bowls because of their now 41-year old QB who you can easily argue as being the G.O.A.T or at least in the Top 3.

Liking the Patriots is a different issue. Most people outside those who are from the Northeast or live in the area cheer against them for the simple reason: They usually---if not always win.

Sure, there are a few who say some incredibly idiotic and insulting things about their success (you know who you are), but there are even less who don't respect what they've done and what they're capable of doing.

Nobody. And I mean nobody in the NFL would want to play a January playoff game in Foxborough against Brady and his teammates. It doesn't matter whether they're on their last legs or not. With time to prepare---they will carve you up like a Thanksgiving Turkey before you've realized they've done it.

Bill Belichick and his staff are that ruthless and it isn't a bad thing.

Yes, Belichick sometimes has to resort to petty things like making it "Us against the World" and in some ways he's not wrong.

But don't every consider his team an Underdog in the playoffs.

No, they will not be favored to beat an explosive Kansas City Chiefs squad in Kansas City for the AFC Championship. But that is not a sign of disrespect, it is not a message to anyone saying the Patriots don't belong, clearly they do.

Hey, listen, the message works. It works in every level of business, every level of competition and it is and has been used currently to ruthless efficiency in Politics. Every message, every comment, every note which doesn't elevate you to being the all-time best and eternal favorite is a message that can be turned around to say everyone is against you.

If those who help spread the message don't spread the message you like or the message you don't agree with it, Coaches and other "Leaders" will turn that message around and use it to motivate others. It is the way the world works.

Having Tom Brady go on National TV and say what he did is not only comical---it's an old, tired version of a story we've heard a million times.

Despite Brady and his teammates pleading their case that nobody believes in them, they're still the team to beat and until they lose, they'll continue to be that team.

To go back to a quote I use a lot more than I probably should use:

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