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Clemson Destroying Alabama is NOT The End of an Era

Yeah, I was as shocked as you and everyone else was to see just how easily the Clemson Tigers flat out overwhelmed the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16 in front of a 90% full Levi's Stadium and National Television Audience in the College Football Playoff Championship Game.

We all assumed the Empire a.k.a Crimson Tide would tough out a win as they generally do against a very, very good Clemson team. And we were wrong.

The first quarter of the game should have been an indicator when both teams traded haymakers and the Tigers had a 14-13 lead. It would the last time 'Bama was that close all night.

All the headlines and conversation is about Clemson Freshman QB Trevor Lawrence and his other-worldly performance, 20-32, 347 yards and 3 TD's with ZERO interceptions.

But it was also about guys like another "True" Freshman, Justyn Ross, doing the little things like making this catch....


All of you who say---Alabama is done, uh, no they're not. Sure, Darth Vader...I mean Nick Saban coached like a desperate man. At one point he called for a fake field goal to the surprise of absolutely nobody watching at the time...or on the field.

From missed extra points to failed fourth down attempts, the calls were way out of character for a usually methodical and relentless Alabama team that often just wears everyone down.

It didn't help the Alabama offensive line had a tough time handling Clemson's senior laden defensive line and QB Tua Tagaliavoa struggled with blitz pickups and reading the defensive schemes cooked up by Tigers Coordinator Brent Venables.

This play right here should have told us it was going to be a long, long night for Tua:

No, neither of these teams are going anywhere. They were generally considered the two best teams before 2018 started---the same will be true in 2019. Tua will be a junior and Alabama has wave after wave of 5-star recruits coming in to fill graduations and losses to the NFL. Oh, did I mention all the Tide's fleet of wide receivers, they're coming back too. Most of the defensive leaders from 2018, yeah, they're coming back.

Same with Clemson.

As long as Lawerence is slinging the ball, Justyn Ross is catching it and Dabo Swinney Coaches Clemson will be good. Leading RB Travis Etienne, yeah, he was a sophomore this season. Cornerback A.J. Terrell who had a HUGE game including the pick 6, he's a sophomore as well. They'll make the Tigers great....

To put it simply---there's a really good chance BOTH of these teams will be back in 2019.

Come January 13th of 2020, it would not be a surprise to me to see them both on the floor of the Superdome battling for College Football supremacy. They have the biggest budgets, deepest rosters and arguably the best coaches. It matters.

Yeah, sure, I know Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma and others will say it's their time. And maybe it will be. But to quote on Richard Fleihr....

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