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Stop Being Assholes to Bears Kicker Cody Parkey and on Social Media

Why do people feel the need to be absolute dicks to someone they've never met, never talked to and never walked a mile in their shoes?

Thanks to social media, it seems to be the world we now live in as anything in Sports which doesn't involve winning---subjects the person who made a mistake, failed or didn't execute correctly a pariah---someone who must have the most horrible and awful things said about them and the target of a million people making fun of what they did.

Hell, I have friends who have a Facebook page devoted to mocking everything athletes do. Is that the level we are now reduced to?

Most of you by now know what happened to Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey. Parkey struggled all season long---but had gotten his game in gear down the stretch during the 2018 season.

All of that won't matter because in the Wild Card Round of the Playoffs, he lined up to kick the most important Field Goal of the Chicago Bears season. Make the kick with 6 seconds left in the game---The Bears win and move on to the NFC Semi-Finals. Miss, game...and season over.

The first attempt---was all for naught as Eagles Coach Doug Pedersen called timeout a split second before the ball was snapped. Parkey went through with the kick. He nailed it.

But it didn't count.

After a timeout, he lined up for the 43-yard attempt one more time. And this happened....

Yeah, he missed it. Game over. Eagles walk out of Soldier Field with a 16-15 win.

This reaction---mild...

Then there's this (NSFW Language):

But this needs to stop.

Sports are sports and unless you are an actual team member or someone who's played at the level you are criticizing, you have no right to bitch about a player. You make mistakes. And so do they. Athletes don't harass you on social media when you mess up, why do you do it to them??

Yeah, sure, it sucks when your team loses. But at the end of the day----does it really matter? If your team losing causes you to destroy other people or things, maybe the problem is YOU!!

Watching a professional sport seems to let certain people forget they are human beings too. It doesn't matter whether they get paid more than you do or not, they're still human. Athletes, are not perfect and don't execute perfectly. And neither do you.

Imagine, just for a minute---you are sitting at your desk at work and you make a mistake. Not intentionally, but you made a bad decision, a typo, or messed up adding or subtracting.

Does that give your boss and every other employee in the office the right to make death threats to you? Does it mean the custodian or interns have a right to yell and scream at you and tell you you suck and are a buffoon? That's what you are doing when you take shots at people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your Social Media of choice. Yeah, you might THINK by saying it there and not to the person's face---you are more powerful for doing it.

You aren't. It makes you the worst kind of coward, insecure and just plain bad person.

Sure, I get it, people sometimes like to mock what they don't understand, but enough is enough.

It seems to me like we now live in a world where everyone is a "Backseat Quarterback", where everyone thinks they are smarter than the people who's jobs they are second guessing.

If you are capable of standing on a football field in front of 70,000 screaming fans, with a National TV Audience and 11 large human beings trying to disrupt or block your kick and nailing it, well clearly you are in the wrong business.

There's a reason athletes get paid well for what they do and some are better than others. But unless you can do the thing you are criticizing them better than they don't have the right to make death threats or anything resembling them to athletes who aren't successful.

So just for a minute, if one of you actually has a heart and compassion for others. Hold off typing that meme or gif. Hold off with that video which will eventually come back to haunt you.

Things don't disappear on Social Media. Ever. It may not come back to haunt you today. But it eventually will. It happens now on a regular basis.

Just think for once before posting, especially if it is about someone who will never see or care about what you post. It just makes the rest of us think you are a real moron.

Just stop....

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