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Why is the College Football Playoff Being Held in Nowhere California?

No, I don't know how the College Football Playoff Committee thinks. If you've read some of my other rants, you already know this.

That being said, I'm pretty sure I know why the 2018-19 College Football Championship game is being played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California and no, it has nothing to do with convenience for fans....or well, anyone else.

It's about the money kids. But you probably already knew that.

The only way the two teams could be further away in this game would be if Miami were playing. Both Alabama and Clemson are well over a thousand miles away from the lonely stadium built an hour south of San Francisco for VIP's, Businesses and Highly Compensated fans.

The 49ers struggle to fill the place every week and they're an NFL team. Yeah, I know, they're not very good but still.

What's worse---the College Football games there draw even worse.

This is what it looked like at the "Redbox Bowl" featuring Oregon and Michigan State.

This was taken from the PAC 12 Championship game, only it was around kickoff time...

Yeah, if these photos aren't evidence nobody in Northern California cares about College Football, nothing is.

For reasons we all know, yet don't quite understand--the overlords of the "College Football Playoff" and ESPN (roughly the same) desperately want to make the game a "Super Bowl" like game. This however is not the way to do it.

College Football for all of its warts is a game of "Atmosphere". It has something the NFL can never duplicate. There is nothing like a hugely important College Game played on a college campus. Hell even a regional basis would work.

Sure, I know, the NFL plays the Super Bowl at a neutral site often with little to no connection to the teams playing in it. is played in an NFL stadium in an NFL market. A big, no huge, difference. The fans and excitement are there. The craziness and star sightings at the Super Bowl are like no other and the College Football Playoff committee can NEVER compete with it.

What do they have to lose by going to a "Campus Site". Hell, anoint one of the "Legacy" bowls as your championship game. But do something.

The CFP Committee might as well be staging January 7th's title game in Minnesota or Detroit. Yeah, even there, they'd draw a crowd.

A crowd lacking in enthusiasm, lacking in a connection to the teams playing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive. I'm fully aware the Super Bowl nor the playoff gives a rats ass about people like us attending the game. We don't make enough money or aren't the celebrity brand they're appealing to. We aren't the corporate execs or luxury box holders who are willing to pony up 5-6 figures for seats.

Whew (draws breath)....

What I'm saying is simple. Sports used to be fun when you could attend the event. You and I will never be able to attend a Super Bowl or likely a College Football Playoff. It's life. I just wish the Overlords in charge of such events would at least give the alumni or fan bases of their teams an opportunity to do it.

It's the least they can do.....

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