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So Maybe the College Football Playoff Committee DID Get it Right This Year

So, it appears we just found out why the people who make decisions on the best of the best teams may should be left to their own devices.

Oh, and there is a reason for NOT listening to the internet...or more specifically---SOCIAL MEDIA.

Yeah, sure, there are tons of imperfections in College Football's Bowl and Playoff System and something needs to change. There are plenty of answers to the question---though most will go unaddressed as long as those in charge continue lining their pockets with money.

So many of you (you know who you are)--bitched and moaned, hemmed and hawed when the four teams selected for the College Football Playoff were revealed. And way too many of you screamed---loudly...when it was announced Oklahoma and Notre Dame would join Alabama and Clemson in the football version of the "Final Four".

Honestly speaking, it really didn't matter who team #3 or #4 was, they were not beating the Crimson Tide nor the Tigers. They are the two teams with the most money, biggest budgets and deepest rosters. And in today's College Football, they'll likely be in the playoff for the foreseeable future.

Sure, Oklahoma was down 28-7 at the half to Alabama, but to their credit, the Sooners fought back and at least made the game competitive before losing 45-38. Notre Dame looked overmatched in losing to Clemson 30-3. But who wouldn't have?

The Irish, for all of their warts were undefeated during the regular season. They didn't dominate anyone, but they won all of their games and are a National Program. Which counts for something in the current system.

The argument was mostly from Georgia fans, SEC supporters and a few talking heads---they all said, loudly, that the Bulldogs should have been the 4th team because they passed "The Eye Test".

What exactly is a football "Eye Test"?

Yeah, sure, a rested Georgia gave a tired Alabama team all they could handle in the SEC Championship game before losing at the very end of the game. But they were the same team who lost to a good but not great LSU 36-16.

To make mattes worse--a clearly flawed Georgia team got pushed around in the Sugar Bowl losing to a good---but not great Texas Longhorn squad who lost 4 times in 2018, 28-21 in a game the Bulldogs NEVER led.

I've said it repeatedly and nothing has changed---The College Football Playoff is a bad system. It's inefficient and rewards popularity more often than performance. It's a biased system geared towards Power 5 teams and in particular a handful who will always now be competing for a berth.

Until the best team in College Football is determined ON THE FIELD, the yelling and screaming and the complaining is not going to stop. It's going to take a Major Change before the whole thing can be settled where it is supposed to be....On The Field.

Yes, that means a Playoff system that rewards Conference Champs and a Wild Card team or two. It also means ENDING the Bowl System. It's the bowl system and profits gained from it that are keeping us from a true playoff---not the "Extra Games" issue. Oh, it means eliminating Conference Championship game thing too. This won't happen because it is a huge revenue generator for the Conferences and teams involved.

In a perfect world, having the "Power 5" conferences from their own league playing a schedule against each other much like the NFL would solve the problem.

For those who say "Too Many Extra Games", I say this---dropping the Conference Championship games, making those First Round games solves part of it. I'm not talking a 12-team playoff or anything like that. Take the 5 conference champs and a wild card team, play Quarterfinal, Semi-Final and Finals games and nothing changes. No extra games, no overworked "Student-Athletes", no too long a season. The Champion still plays 14 games. That doesn't change.

Because the current system is in place to protect the Rose Bowl, it likely will not happen. Oh, it also gives ESPN a nice December revenue and programming option too. Those two things combined with the smaller---highly profitable Bowl Committee's will keep the easy solution from ever happening.

We still live in a world where an older generation of people who want to maintain old, outdate traditions because it's the way "They Remember" it has to change. It's an issue that infects ever aspect of our lives---but is even more prevalent in sports.

College Football will never be the game it was in the 1970's or 1980's again. The world has evolved and changed. It's time for College Football and all of us to change and evolve with it....

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