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Let's Step Back in 2019 and Enjoy Sports Instead of Complaining About Them

The Sports World as we know it is nothing like we grew up with. For those a certain age, the golden era of watching and enjoying the games for what they are makes us feel nostalgic. But like life, the world and current events---things change, the world evolves and while memories are great, they often don't jibe with the current place we all occupy.

Arguably you can say the World of Sports can be broken down like this: Argument, Complaints, Debate, Greed and Talent.

We no longer appreciate athletes and teams for what they are in the midst of accomplishing or for the effort they are putting forth---rather we seem to be looking for ways to take them down, to find fault with everything they do and often proclaim our moral and intellectual superiority to those who's career and livelihood hinges on their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Yes, I'm sometimes guilty of all of this too. On this very website, I've proclaimed my way of fixing College Football is the best way. I've gone on the record saying how much I dislike or disrespect certain players and coaches, owners and teams because...well its how I feel.

No, psychoanalymation is not necessarily the way to solve this---or any other issue. But we all....ALL should take a look in the mirror. Or at least our Social Media pages.

In the current era in which we live, it is truly frightening how much of our world and personalities now revolved around Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And yes, athletes are guilty of doing the same things we are by sharing thoughts, images or messages that put themselves or others in a horrifically bad light.

Which needs to stop. And when better than 2019?

Why do we (the fans) feel a compulsive need to mock, make fun of or rudely and crudely criticize athletes, coaches and teams for their faults? Why do we post .GIF's, statements or video's ridiculing everything they do?

What's worse is the way it's all now taken as "Legitimate News". How many days do you go to your favorite website or News Outlet and see or read a story saying "Twitter makes fun of ______"???

What is the point? Are we as fans so narcissistic that instead of understanding nobody is perfect, that someone has to win and someone has to lose that we choose to mock them instead of realizing it's life?

What qualifies me, you or anyone else who's never worked a day in their life as an employee of a sports team or played at an elite level in College or Professional Sports or even spent their career learning the ins in outs of both---to tell those people we know more than they do? On any given weekend---particularly during Football season my feed on both Facebook and Twitter are littered with friends and people I follow saying "XXXX Coach Needs to be fired", " XXXX player sucks, he needs to be cut" or "Why did you run that play instead of this one?"

We've become a world of "Backseat Quarterbacks" who can sit back and look at things after others report on them and say, this player is awful, why are we signing him or this team is better than that one, why aren't they in the Championship.

This played out just before New Years Eve 2018 when half of the Social Media World proclaimed Notre Dame and/or Oklahoma shouldn't have been in the College Football Playoff instead of Georgia. So many jumped online on the night of December 29th and the morning of the 30th to say Georgia was more deserving.

How do you know? How do you know if the Bulldogs would have performed any better vs. Alabama or Clemson? You don't know.

You can guess. You can say that you THINK they would have. But you don't know. Seriously. I don't know either. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't. But they weren't there and because they didn't play many teams on their level in 2018, or a system in place for them to find out, you have no way of knowing.

Don't give me "The Playoff System Sucks" or the "Committee" doesn't know what they're doing. They do.

You may not like it. You may not agree with it. But you're job isn't to make that decision. And you aren't qualified to make it. Neither am I.

Sharing your opinion is never a bad thing. Neither is venting your spleen.

But all I ask in 2019 is for this: Just keep it real. Sports are sports. They're fun to watch and it's great to cheer for your favorite teams and favorite athletes.

But keep some perspective. Your team losing should NOT ruin your day. It should NOT cause you to jump online and start cursing out people who will never read what you type. All it does is make YOU look stupid.

Understand that your team can't win every time. And that's ok. Realize players and coaches and team officials and even those who cover them make mistakes on occasion. They're human. We're all human.

The first one who reads this and says they've never made a mistake or never done something they look back on and say they probably shouldn't have is completely full of shit. We've all done it.

Don't hold someone or some team to a standard you don't hold yourselves. Don't call for someone to lose their livelihood just because you don't like them or don't agree with their decisions, respect their right to do it. They just have to make their mistakes in public, you don't.

Most of all---just enjoy the games for what they are. Competition. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. It's life. Don't mock those who lose just because they lost. Understand, just for once---that it happens. You don't need to jump on Facebook and ridicule them for it. Nor do you need to post Tweets at them calling that person every bad name you can think of.

Yeah, sure, losing is no fun. But it happens. You, me, athletes, coaches and team officials don't go through life without losing at least once. It happens to all of us.

Just understand it happens. Don't go for the cheap laugh just because you can. How would YOU feel if someone posted all over social media the first time you made a mistake at YOUR workplace?? How would you feel if you got blasted with hashtags and meme's, gif's and Facebook posts when you did one thing wrong in your daily life? THAT is why all of us need to take a step or two back, take a deep breath and enjoy life. Enjoy the fact you live in a world where you can sit in front of your 70 inch HDTV and watch the games with your friends. Enjoy and marvel at a world where people can compete athletically and do things you could never physically do yourself and remember just like you, they are actual real people and not just images on TV or video game characters.

Appreciate it and enjoy. And above all have a Happy and a Healthy 2019!!!

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