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The College Football Playoff Can't Be Fixed Because Too Many Make Too Much

Here's my New Years Wish for all of you: Stop Whining About ways to fix the "College Football Playoff"! You can't fix it, so just stop complaining.

It doesn't matter whether or not you thought Notre Dame or Oklahoma shouldn't have been in the 2018 Semi-Finals. None of us (me included) are omniscient enough to know whether another team would have or could have done better.

So many of my friends here in the Atlanta area complained (loudly) Georgia should have been there. I love you all---but stop. Just STOP!

Georgia lost twice in 2018, they don't get to be eligible for a championship. Don't get your ass kicked by LSU and barely lose to Alabama---then you have an argument. But that's the only way.

Same thing with Ohio State. Don't get slaughtered by a mediocre at best Purdue Columbus and you get to be in the conversation. Otherwise---shut up.

All the hemming and hawing, Sports Talking Heads yelling at each other, Sports Blogs posting "Better Ideas" and hypothetical thoughts of those of us totally unqualified to have an opinion that counts---means nothing.

The College Football Playoff is NOT changing. Not in 2019 or in 2020.

It could change some time around 2023, but it won't solve your problem, my problem or their problem. There will still be argument, still be debate over who got left out.

Expand to 6 teams and team 7 and 8 will whine and complain. Go 8 and 9 and 10 will do the same thing. There ALWAYS be a team who feels worthy but gets left out. Always.

The whole thing is a totally flawed system that is subjective and engineered for maximum profit for those who put it on. The CFP Committee, ESPN, the Power 5 schools and Bowl Games are the only ones who benefit from the way its all set up.

ESPN and the Bowl Game Committee's will not give up their cash cows---a.k.a the lower tier Bowl Games because they make a fortune off of them.

The legacy bowl games (Rose, Orange, Sugar etc) will not give up their standing either. The Rose Bowl is a big reason why things are set up the way they currently are.

Because they have money. A lot of money.

The only way the system gets fixed is if the Bowl Game system dies. But it also means the Power 5 will need to split off into their own level of football. They can then hold a playoff and schedule games against each other and make a gazillion dollars.

It means a separate level for the Sun Belts, AAC's, Conference USA's and Mountain West's of the world. It means the MAC plays with them too. They'd combine for some awesomely competitive football and could play without having to try and outspend Alabama and Clemson and Michigan.

Because at the end of the day---that's the root of the problem. The same half-dozen or so teams who spend them most money per program will ALWAYS at the end of the day be the same teams competing for the College Football Playoff title every single year.

It's why the UCF's and Boise State's can't compete with Georgia or LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio State or any other of the teams who will always compete for the title over the long haul.

None of the "Group of 5" teams can spend on the same level as the Power 5. They don't have 5-levels of 5-star athletes who have multi-million dollar indoor practice facilities or deluxe locker rooms with the most blatantly ostentatious games and designs money can buy.

And that's why the end of the 2018 season will feature Alabama vs. Clemson Part IV. 2019 will likely be part 5.....

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