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Why Does the NFL Hate or Disrespect Most of it's Fanbase?

No, this is not an Christmas ode to the Oakland Raiders, the NFL or any grieving fan base. Rather we're about to harp on the Raiders being the poster children for the NFL's utter lack of respect for cities and fans.

The Raiders are easily a prime example of two things: NFL Corporate Greed and the utter disrespect for the people who supported and helped them grow to one of the leagues most popular franchises.

Mind you, the criticism isn't totally isolated to the Raiders, this is a story that St. Louis and San Diego residents/fans can relate to as well.

We all know the back story of the Raiders over the past few years. An awful product played in a relic of a stadium which has held the team back from generating some of the "Revenue" other NFL teams are getting a piece of.

It all came to a head in 2017 when it was announced the team, thanks in VERY large part to the citizens/suckers of Las Vegas, will be moving to a $1 billion+ shiny new stadium in Las Vegas beginning in 2020.

Which was all well and good except for the question of what a "Lame Duck" team would do for the 2-plus seasons of waiting for their new palace. Raiders owner Mark Davis---a laughably generous soul---proclaimed the team would stay in Oakland until they moved as long as the city would not threaten legal action and allow them to pay as little as they could get away with for rent.

The legal issue, well, that came to a head this past week when the city announced they were suing Davis and his team for damages related to their departure.

The team played what well could be their final game at the Oakland-Alameda County Stadium on Christmas Eve of 2018 and believe it or not, they won--beating the Denver Broncos 27-14.

Both the fans and players celebrated like it was the end of an era (which it likely was)...

Raider QB Derek Carr stayed after the game trying to thank as many fans as he could reach. Police and Security---well, they were um, well represented in order to keep the faithful from rushing the field

I really and I do mean not understand how an NFL team and its fan base can stay on good terms when the team is about to leave. Especially since the loyalty shown by the fans does not translate to the league or the individual owner looking to chase more revenue.

I admire the Raider faithful for showing up this season despite the awful team who won't be around much longer. Same goes for the San Diego folks who came to see the Chargers before they left for greener pastures a couple of seasons ago.

But why would you continue giving your hard earned money to a business who is no longer interested in YOUR money?? Why would you drop $1k for tickets etc knowing the team is bailing out on you?? Or even better, why would you pay $1K for a Personal Seat License allowing you to THEN purchase season tickets? That I DO NOT understand....

The NFL and its teams have made it abundantly clear there is no concern for the regular fan coming to games. The ticket prices continue to climb and the amount of seats in the new "Palaces" are dwindling as they pander to corporate suite and luxury box holders.

Think about it for a second. The league makes such a big deal about "The Super Bowl". Yet you, me nor most anyone you know can actually afford to attend. Which should not be a revelation.

Sure, if you want to drop $5,000 on a ticket--you might get to go, but really, how many of you have that kind of disposable income??

The NFL would be perfectly happy if they have a stadium full of VIP's, TV, Movie and Music Stars and Corporate Sponsors. They absolute DO NOT CARE if anyone in the general public attends. (Prove me wrong on this!!)

Think about all the corporate welfare and handouts teams get from City's to play there.....

I mean look at the Chargers. They aren't even the primary tenant in the Rams stadium they eagerly wait the completion of. Yet they left San Diego because the city and its residents refused to fork over a shit-ton of money to build them a new facility.

And that's really the pinnacle of hypocrisy. The teams hold new stadiums over the heads of a fanbase and politicians, threatening to move if they don't get one. Some teams, like the Cowboys and Falcons....have owners who foot a majority of the bill. But others don't have that option.

The NFL and its teams like to portray themselves as huge revenue generators. Yet they aren't. Sure, they put 50-70,000 butts in stadiums 8 to 10 times a year. But that is it. It's mostly people who live in the area who don't come and get hotel rooms and buy dinners in town. They already live there.

They'll employ a couple hundred stadium workers for roughly 4 months a year at a near minimum wage. But that's it. It's not enough to make them a huge revenue generator, never mind worthy of $500 million of taxpayer money.

But it sure the hell doesn't stop them from asking....

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