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Why Does Anyone Care if Baker Mayfield Likes Hue Jackson?

I know full well this is a controversy created by Sports Writers/Sports Talk people in order to facilitate a totally un-necessary conversation about something that really, nobody should care about.

Over the past 5-weeks or so, NFL Writers and Talking Heads have been weirdly obsessing over the interactions of Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield and his former Head Coach and Current Cincinnati Assistant Hue Jackson.

It started with this in Week 12 after the Browns hammered the Bengals 35-20:

Yes, that's right---there were writers "Outraged" that Mayfield gave a quick handshake and shuffled away from his former coach.

Why? What was wrong with that?

It resurfaced this weekend when the two teams squared off a second time and Mayfield ran by Jackson to celebrate on his way down field.

Oh, by the way Cleveland beat the semi-hapless Bengals 26-18.....

So here is my question: Why is this a big deal? Why do you care? Is there some rule that I've missed stating Mayfield must shower unfettered love for Jackson---who wasn't exactly a popular or successful Coach in Cleveland, winning 2 games in 3 years?

Mayfield didn't spit on the guy. He didn't curse him out or slam the guy on TV, the radio or Newspaper....

It looks to me the statement is: "Look what I could have done for you if you let me!"

And really, does anyone have a problem with that??

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