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Why is the XFL Still Trying to be a "Thing"?

Can someone answer the question: Why is Vince McMahon trying to bring back the Xtreme Football League (XFL)??

Seriously, I have no idea why McMahon....or anyone on his WWE Board of Directors think this is a good way to spend money?

Surely it can't be to become an NFL Alternative, certainly its not to be a "Minor League" feeder system to the NFL either.

Yes, I know, the name itself holds a certain "Cache'" for those who grew up in the late 1990's/early 2000's and saw the one, single XFL season go away with barely a whimper.

Which again begs the question---why bring it back? And why announce its coming back in 2018, when the league won't begin play until 2020.

McMahon decided December of 2018 was a good time to announce his league will have 8 franchises, 3 of which will play in NFL stadiums which is an even bigger risk.

Here's a list of teams:

Dallas: Playing in Globe Life Park in Arlington (not Jerry World)

Houston: TDECU Stadium (home of the University of Houston Football team)

Los Angeles: Stub Hub Center (home of LA Galaxy Soccer club and currently the Los Angeles Chargers)

New York: Met Life Stadium (home of the NY Giants and NY Jets)

Seattle: Century Link Field (home of the Seattle Seahawks)

St. Louis: The Dome at America's Center (former home of the Rams)

Tampa: Raymond James Stadium (home of the Buccaneers)

Washington D.C: Audi Field (home of D.C United Soccer)

On the surface---this all sounds great. But think about it for a minute. Why would you put a team in an NFL Stadium? The XFL runs the risk of having 10,000 people in a 70,000 seat stadium which is a bad look. A really bad look.

If you go look at the leagues website, a few things catch your attention. The big "Sell" is "Re-Imagining" the game. And the "Re-Imagine" is mostly speaking to just speeding up the pace of the game.

That part I get. Nothing is more aggravating than the 712 "TV Time Outs" in the NFL.

But at the end of the day---it all comes down to the product and I can't see a scenario where the league can put an entertaining product on the field.

The original "Sell" for the XFL was McMahon's WWE "Attitude Era" product being played out on a football field. That era came and went a generation ago and there's zero chance of putting something like that back out on the field and selling it.

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm missing the point---but the impression I get is McMahon is doing this with the thought he can damage the NFL somehow.

Um, no.

If your selling points are "No criminals" and "Faster Gameplay" and that's it. You have less than a zero percent chance of succeeding.

While the league will compete with the AAF, the AAF is getting a head start. They'll start playing in 2019 and have already claimed a bunch of fringe NFL players with hopes of getting back in the league. They've established a connection with the NFL and are preaching much of the same changes as the XFL.

There is not room enough for 2 "Spring Football" leagues in the world. There may not be room for one of them.

But I guess in 2020 we are going to find out.....

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