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Don't Tell Me NFL Owners Haven't Blackballed Certain Players

See if this doesn't prove the NFL and its owners are in collusion when it comes to signing players.

Here's a case example with a team in need of a Quarterback due to a rash of injuries:

Player A: He last took a snap as a Quarterback in 2013. Since that snap, he's been signed to a teams roster 10 times not taking a single snap. He's never played more than 11 games in a season, has a career completion percentage of 54.2% with 5 career TD passes and 10 career interceptions. He's 33-years old and was on the roster of a AAF team.

Player B: This player last took a snap in an NFL game back in 2016. He's not been on an NFL roster since then. During his career---he led his team to a Super Bowl and a playoff appearance. During a six-year stretch, this QB had a 59.8 completion percentage with 72 TD passes and 30 interceptions. He is 31-years old. probably know the answer to the above question---but bear with me for just a little longer.

Say you are an NFL team who's starting QB broke his leg in a game. You sign a journeyman QB (neither of the guys above) best known for an on field blooper (a.k.a--Butt Fumble) to be a backup.

The very NEXT game, the starting QB breaks HIS leg. And the journeyman you just signed all of a sudden is your starter and you need to sign yet another backup. Mind you, the team is 12 games into the season with a 6-6 record and still not out of contention for a playoff berth.

What do you do next?

If you are the Washington Redskins---you sign Player A. Josh Johnson a guy who in his very limited NFL career was known as much for running the ball than passing it. A guy who essentially worked out of the "Pistol" offense..albeit not very well.

In case you were wondering (it's an easy guess)....Player B is Colin Kaepernick. Who is 2-plus seasons removed from a season where he put up pretty decent statistics while playing on a god-awful team.

The excuse provided by the Redskins was this....

But alas, Mr. Kaepernick is now known for something other than his football skills---something very well documented and would bring heaps of scorn from a certain segment of the political spectrum. Which is why most rational folks understand the NFL has officially "Blackballed" Kaepernick. He will never play in the NFL again. Nobody will sign him.

Mind you the Redskins signed LB Reuben Foster less than 48-hours after he was fired by the San Francisco 49ers on the heels of a Domestic Violence arrest. His second arrest for the same charge in 2018 and his third brush with the law in less than a year. Foster was a starter for the 49ers and very good at his job.

The Redskins have to this day not provided a coherent thought process on their signing Foster. I'd wager it had a lot to do with his talent and nothing to do with his off-field behavior

You tell me about "Standards"? How exactly does one justify this kind of decision making? Can you sit there with a straight face and tell me the Redskins had a fear of bad publicity? If they did, Foster never would have been signed.

Then again, the NFL and its teams seem to have widely disparate views on the significance of Domestic Violence charges. Not so much when it comes to political statements.

I said in response to a friends Social Media post the other day you can sum it up like this: The Redskins---and the NFL as a whole are far more petrified of a certain segment of the population who follow a certain political persuasion and seem to not be too worried about the domestic violence issue.

Yes, at the end of the day, the NFL and its owners are far more scared of Politics than they are angry women. And the sadness in that thought process is beyond my comprehension.

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