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To the Surprise of Nobody Urban Meyer Will Walk Away From Ohio State

Wow! Who ever would have expected Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer to step away from his job after the season?? (sarcasm)

It's not like he ever walked away when faced with accusations of highly questionable judgement when it comes to people around him. And though the Ohio State cupboard isn't as bare as Florida's was when he walked away, they probably aren't College Football Playoff ready for 2019 either.

And quite honestly---while the ESPN's and others who slavishly cover the College Football world with nary a question about character---I'm not going to sit here and tell you how "Great" Meyer is or was.

Sure, he won games. He won two National Titles (thanks Tim Tebow) at the University of Florida. He won one at Ohio State. Good for you Urb....

No, it's the legacy of bad character judgement on his part and the stench left after his departure that will be the thing I'll always remember about the guy.

This is a Coach who let troubled athletes like Aaron Hernandez and a whole host of players go unpunished or mildly punished for committing blatantly criminal acts at the University of Florida.

The reason: He thought he could "Help Them".....

This is a Coach who let a staff member (Zach Smith) get off scott free after nearly a decade of Domestic Violence allegations and inappropriate behavior.

Why? Because he thought he could "Help Him"....oh, and the fact he was a relative of his Coaching Mentor Earle Bruce....

Which is why any and everything Urban Meyer has accomplished should have an asterisk next to it.

Yeah, sure, I know---Power Five College Football is a big business and you're measured on wins and losses not on helping teach young men how to be a good person. I get it.....

And yeah, you are right. Not everyone Urb coached turned out to be an asshole. He coached and led some great kids and helped them become great.

But we also live in a world where you are judged---rightly or wrongly---by your mistakes. And Urban Meyer has made plenty of them.

Ask the University of Florida fans and alumni (2 different things) how they feel about the guy who claimed he was retiring from the Gators because of "Health Reasons" only to resurface after sitting out a season at Ohio State.

In this case, no, I don't think Meyer will resurface somewhere else as a Head Coach. At least not for a year or two. He's 54-years old as I write this, I don't see the guy spending the next 25-years of his life doing nothing, though he has the money to do it.

Much like after he walked away from the University of Florida, he'll surface--sometime in the Summer of 2019 as an "Analyst" for ESPN. He'll show up in Bristol a couple times a week, pocket 5-figures for doing it and live on it for awhile.

I'm not sure where his next stop will end up being, how do you go from the Florida's and Ohio State's of the world to a smaller program? His peers at Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma etc aren't going anywhere fast (ok, maybe Lincoln Riley will). And Meyer is highly unlikely to land at another Big 10 program.

It would be funny to imagine a scenario where he moves 2-hours north on I-77 and becomes the new Head Coach for YOUR Cleveland Browns, his background would make him a good NFL fit.

But maybe I'm just idly speculating....

It would be pretty funny though, wouldn't it???

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