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The College Football Playoff has Always Been Flawed so Stop Complaining

If you've ever followed or read or listened to my thoughts about College Football and the inherent unfairness in all of its systems, this column will not be a revelation to you.

I write it every year....

Because no matter which combination of teams ends up being chosen for the College Football Playoff, someone gets left out and the fanbase will spend an inordinate amount of time on Social Media bitching about it.

You're wasting your time and effort. Nobody who has a say-so in the matter cares what you think and isn't interested in hearing your complaints.

Allow me to explain:

College Football at its highest level is a broken, money based system that completely discriminates against any school not generating a ton of money or TV ratings.

No, the system isn't technically "Corrupt" and there isn't a "Fix" in to assure certain teams get preferential treatment when it comes to the four College Football Playoff teams despite what you think.

But....the game is currently set up to be highly non-competitive. Barring a total collapse or failure, you will have some combination of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame and maybe a Wild Card team from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 or SEC...

That's it. Unless you're in the Top 15 or so in the preseason, before you ever play a game---you have no chance.

The totally and completely subjective way College Football is structured, it will never totally be open or fair to everyone because a majority of the 130 or so FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) teams don't have the finances or resources to compete with the big boys.

And for all of the UCF's of the world with their 25 straight wins, it really doesn't matter what you do, the people in charge of the game will never put you on the same stage with any combination of the teams above.


The College Football playoff itself---as currently structured is set up to reward the "Biggest Brands". It may not be the same four brands every season, but it will be some combination of them. And for every UGA or SEC fan complaining Georgia got left out despite being a better matchup with the other three teams, just stop. As currently structured---you have no argument.

The thing everyone forgets when it comes to College Football....and its playoff is that nobody has ever won a football game on paper or game tape. It doesn't matter how "Good You Look". The system is set up to reward teams who win Conference Championships and have great records. It doesn't matter who may or may not be the most talented team, you shouldn't and don't get to be rewarded for that.

Nothing is going to change for at least the next 4 seasons, so just deal with it. Understand the reasons behind the change and just accept it for what it is. Because it is a microcosm of the world we currently live in where the Rich get richer and will always be rich, everyone else is fighting for scraps....

Until there is a world where the Power 5 conferences break off into their own league and play only against each other, there will always be playoff teams from one of their conferences and someone will get left out.

The basic rule of subjective tournament selection says this: No matter how many teams are in a playoff, there will always be someone arguing they got left out. Always! If there are six teams, team seven will bitch. If there are eight, team nine will complain and so on and so forth. It is a never ending, endless loop scenario that will continue to go on forever....

Put the Power Five in their own season. Let them play each other for 10 games and then have a 10-team playoff based on records. You still get a 13 game season and make a shit ton of money from ESPN.

Do the same thing with the Group of Five. Let them have their own championship.

There's no legitimately good reason Power Five teams need to play Group of Five teams. Most every Group of Five team doesn't have the depth, resources or talent level to play with the Power Five. Yeah, sure a UCF would beat a good chunk of the Power Five, but they don't have the depth to play with an Alabama, UGA or Ohio State and never will.

The game is set up so unbalanced right now. If you ever want to know the real reason behind the difference, look at the revenues generated by each teams. There are no Group of Five teams in the Top 20 revenue schools.


Which is not a knock on Group of Five Football. Not at all. The best example I continually give is my Alma Mater Georgia Southern.

Southern is a very strong Sun Belt Conference team who might beat some lower level Power Five schools. But day-in and day-out, we can't compete on the same level as Georgia, only 2.5 hours away by distance.

Southern doesn't generate a fraction of Georgia's revenue and doesn't have the same facilities and probably never will.

Which means Southern's best team ever would never get to compete for a "National Title" given the current set-up. Never...

Our goal each season is to win the Sun Belt which means a mid-December trip to New Orleans for a mid-Holiday afternoon game vs. another Group of Five team in a barely noticed Bowl Game on ESPN.

That's it.

My school will NEVER get to play in the Sugar Bowl, never play in the Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl or the College Football playoff. So why are we having to compete in the same system as teams that will have a realistic shot at it??? That's the inherent flaw in the system and that's the real reason the system will never make you happy.

It doesn't matter what team is your favorite---unless they have a certain brand cache'....they'll never make it to the level you think they should be.

Maybe it will get fixed in the next round of Broadcast Negotiations....

I wouldn't bet on it....

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