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Claiming Ruben Foster Proves the NFL and the Washington Redskins are full of Shit

So, it wasn't too long ago the NFL told pretty much anyone who listened they were serious about taking action against players accused of Domestic Violence.

The proclamation came after a string of tone deaf incidents where the league essentially was slapping players on the wrist for being charged in crimes such as striking a woman.

It didn't last long.

I'm not sure what is more offensive to well, just about everyone when it comes to new Washington Redskins LB Ruben Foster.

Foster formerly of the San Francisco 49ers was abruptly cut from the team while in Tampa for the 49ers game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thanksgiving Weekend. Mr. Foster was unemployed for um, a day as he was almost immediately claimed by the Washington Redskins---who while not the only team who looked into claiming the former starting LB, were the only team to actually submit a claim.

The Redskins Front Offices says they "Consulted with former teammates" and with "Alabama (Foster went there) players on the Redskins Roster" and claimed all said great things about him....

Cough, cough....

Instead they left the Head Coach, Jay Gruden---who didn't know much about the decision making process, to face the inevitable onslaught of questions.

Foster was arrested and charged with---you guessed it, Domestic Violence after an incident with his "Former Girlfriend". Mind you, this is the same girlfriend Foster had issues with in the past. In February of 2018, Foster was taken into custody after being charged with assaulting the same woman. She later dropped the charges and Foster was forced to sit out the first 2 games of 2018 because of the incident.

Foster was also arrested in January of 2018. He was booked by the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police Department for Marijuana Possession.

In 2016, he wasn't involved---but was at an Auburn, Alabama nightclub when 3-players were shot and killed.

He also left the 2017 NFL Draft Combine after an "Argument" with a Medical Student assisting in his Combine Medical tests at an Indianapolis Hospital.

Mind you Foster---had he been a "Practice Squad" player or reserve special teams player, he would not have been claimed. He was a starter with the 49ers and an effective Linebacker.

Listen---I'm all for "2nd Chances" and all for letting guys find redemption for their sins.....but.....

The move by Washington is clearly an opportunity grab with the hope Foster is exonerated and they all of a sudden have a starting linebacker. Make no bones about it.

It has nothing to do with trying to help someone with a problem. It's ALL about the football.

And the NFL is just standing by, allowing it to happen.

Sure, I get it. Innocent until proven guilty. And maybe the former girlfriend has a beef with Foster. But if you've done even the smallest amount of research on Domestic Violence, you'd find this fits all the classic examples. Man hits woman, woman gets mad and starts the legal process. Woman then gets nervous and/or intimidated because of the man's stature and backs off.

And then it happens again....

If the NFL wants to just allow things like this to happen---then just be up front about it. This incident is an easy one. If you're serious, you just say he's not allowed to be on ANYONE'S roster until the issue is resolved.

If proven not guilty---he gets to come back. Period.

But don't allow him to be immediately placed back in the league. That's the wrong message and the message that the NFL and the Redskins are justifiably getting crucified for.

They just don't seem to get it....

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