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Jimbo Fisher Blows Off Post Game Fight Incident Which Could Have Killed LSU Assistant

So...apparently we live in a world where it is okay for a random, credentialed Texas A&M flunky to run up to an LSU Special Assistant with Parkinson's disease and a Pacemaker and punch him in said Pacemaker....for no readily apparent reason.

If you were to believe Lord James (Jimbo) Fisher---he of the $70 million guaranteed contract and unchecked and unfettered power to take the level the Aggies believe they should belong by any means possible...there is no controversy about this....

The video here below only shows the tail end of what happened.

According to a patchwork amount of posts on the incident---it may have but may not have begun at the end of the game when Texas A&M Assistant Coach Damyune Craig--a former LSU Coach ran onto the field and started jawing with LSU Coaches.

There's no real documentation of this--only some reports.....

Allegedly a pushing and shoving match ensued and somewhere in the scrum, LSU Special Assistant Steve Kragthorpe who is dealing with Parkinson's disease and wears a punched in the chest.

That's allegedly when LSU Director of Player Development Kevin Faulk---a former New England Patriots star, got involved and exchanged punches with an unknown person in Texas A&M garb with a game credential.

That's where the story gets a bit foggy....

Fisher says he didn't initially know what happened---yet this happened as he left the field:

You can read Kragthorpe's account RIGHT HERE

Listen, I get it. Lord Jimbo has much bigger fish to fry. Clearly the fact A&M's team doctor had to attend to Kragthorpe meant nothing. The fact a "Punch" to the Pacemaker could have killed the guy is apparently in Jimbo-Land, largely irrelevant.

Fisher's 8-4 Aggies have lots of time from here. Their regular season has ended. They'll play in a decent bowl game and the mindless devotees to football in College Station will pretend like this never happened.

I don't begrudge them the ability to celebrate a great win in an incredible game. They have every right to do that.

And while I don't condone talking smack--Craig can do that, the bigger people should not have reacted to it. But they did....

It's bad enough the incident happened, it's much, much worse that Lord Jimbo doesn't deem it worth his time only to dismiss it as an "Internal Matter". And hey, maybe he'll do something at that level.

But likely we'll never know because much like most Power 5 Coaches who lord over the program and school they coach at, he doesn't have to tell anyone whether he did anything or not. And because nobody who covers the team will dare question what Lord Jimbo says---we'll never find out if the appropriate punishment actually got doled out.

Because #SECFootball.....sigh...

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