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The SEC and its Fans Should be Embarrassed by Nov. 17th's Schedule

I'll ask the question that SEC alumni, fans and teams don't want to acknowledge: Why do you claim College Football superiority if you schedule cupcake games at the end of the season?

This is EVERYTHING...ok, almost everything wrong with College Football.

In WHAT Universe is it ok for the games below? The Citadel at Alabama

UMass at Georgia

Idaho at Florida

Liberty at Auburn

Rice at LSU

Chattanooga at South Carolina

((Ed note: Arkansas vs. Mississippi St, Missouri vs. Tennessee and Ole Miss vs. Vandy are the only "In-Conference Games this week))

I mean, seriously?? What the fuck?

I'm pretty sure the fawning fanbases will all say "It's a breather game" or "The other team gets a huge payoff"

So the heck what?

Sure, I know it is high minded---borderline elitist of me to say the smaller teams shouldn't have to offer themselves up to be pillaged, embarrassed and hammered by the big programs in the name of collecting a 7-figure check, but essentially it is exactly what this is.

Yeah, I get it, it's what "Power 5" College Football does each season. But in every other conference the "Cupcake" games are all in September. Not the week before the final game of the season.

It's a total cop-out by these "High and Mighty" SEC programs who quite honestly should be embarrassed to say they're doing this. Seeing this roster of games on the schedule the first week of September still isn't a great look, but there's at least an excuse for it.

There is not an excuse for this on November 17th. None....

What's worse is it will likely trigger less than full houses at all of these stadiums which will be followed by "Pious, Self-Centered yet totally self-unaware" coaches like Nick Saban will complain the students aren't turning out or exercising their "Privilege" to see the Mighty Crimson Tide play football.

Think about that for a second......

Would you pay---even a discounted student rate to see Alabama play The Citadel? What's the point? I'm not saying the 4-5, Football Championship Division Bulldogs are a bad program--they aren't.

But they'd be lucky to even score against Alabama.

Why would ANYONE pay good money or give up 6-hours of their Saturday to go watch this?

Sure, I know in the "Deep South"---especially in the State of Alabama---it's what you do. If it is a fall Saturday---you go watch Alabama or Auburn or whomever, often dressing up, tailgating and consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages before going into the stadium and watching the game.

But how could you look anyone HONESTLY in the eye and say you had a blast watching a 55-0 win? BTW---this applies to Auburn too, despite the struggles of Gus Malzahan and his overrated Tigers, should dispatch Liberty before the end of the 1st quarter.

Hey, look, I know, lightning does occasionally strike. Troy beat LSU, Appalachian State has beaten Michigan and my Alma Mater---Georgia Southern beat Florida. But those things happen roughly once every five years.

At the end of the day---yeah, I know--I get it, it's a chance for Bama to rest the badly beaten up and dinged Tua Tagovialoa and Georgia will likely get Super Recruit QB Justin Fields more playing time than he's had all season vs. UMass while resting up its banged up offensive line.

But where the challenge in all of this, where's the fun in watching something so non-competitive.

If you look at that slate of games, Liberty "Might" score on Auburn and UMass will probably score against UGA. Outside that, you're looking at a bunch of likely shutouts.

So, at the end of the day---the SEC and it's rather large, slavishly devoted fanbase will say---who cares, stop whining, we need a break. They'll flash up the "Top 25" polls and College Football Playoff Poll showing 3 or 4 Top 10 teams and 5 or 6 Top 25 teams. And most of you will say---at the end of the day, they are still the best.

You would not be wrong.

Nobody is likely to beat Alabama this season, and Georgia or LSU can beat almost anyone outside the SEC. Alabama is likely to be in the Playoff---even if they lose in the SEC Championship to Georgia---which is wrong---but another column for another day.

To summarize--- if you want to be the best---play in conference games this week. Play someone who will be competitive with you. Especially at the END of the season.

As one Richard Fleihr has said many of time----

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