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Hiring Les Miles Would be a Total Kansas Football Move (and failure)

Listen, I think Les Miles was one of the most unique characters in the modern era of College Football. He won a lot of games at LSU and had a whale of a sense of humor.

But 3-years after being asked to leave Baton Rouge, Les still finds himself not coaching the game at Age 64. Even has his time at LSU wound down--he didn't exactly have the reputation as a great, tactical coach.

But every time a job comes up from a "Wannabe" College Football program, inevitably, Les's name surfaces. And I get that. He's a high profile name, a guy most any casual fan recognizes.

Which is why I'm sort of amused at the rumors flying about Les being the odds on favorite to become the coach at one of America's worst College Football programs at Kansas.

The quote from Feldman alone should explain to you how---and why Kansas has been as bad as they've been in the last decade. What's amazing--if you look closely, the programs last run of success came under the somewhat controversial Mark Mangino, who was fired after reports came out detail his abuse and misconduct around players in 2009.

The team went 5-7 in 2009 after winning five of their first 6 games. It was also the last time a Kansas Football won 5 or more games.

Athletic Director Jeff Long has already let it be known the Jayhawks want a high profile hire to steer his program as the attempt a $300-plus million overhaul of the football facilities. Long wants to have a competitive football program to complement the basketball team.

I don't see it.

You're talking about a school in the middle of America. Literally. You're talking about a team with no history of success in the past 10-years. None....

The string of coaching hires under former Athletic Director Shehon Zenger: Turner Gill, Charlie Weis and David Beaty who will be departing at the end of the season. Not exactly a who's who of successful coaches.

Sure, Lester would bring some attention and likely will get the National Reporters from ESPN to visit from time to time. Yeah, he might energize the beaten and battered fan base for a season or two with the hope he can make the Jayhawks a competitive team.

But look at it this way---think, just for a minute the type of football currently played in the Big 12? Run/Pass Option teams--check. High scoring, shootout offenses---check. Mediocre defenses---check.

Look at Les's history. He never had a team...or a program who played that style football. Ever....

He's not known as an innovator or super-creative type. Les's forte was recruiting and maybe he'd be enough to draw some players to Lawrence, Kansas.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

Outside his penchant late in his career for 4th down gambles---Les doesn't fit any of those categories....

Though I could I guess--be wrong....

After all, this is Kansas we're talking about. They've been known to make some puzzling decisions. Hiring Les Miles would definitely be something I could see them doing....

Plus, I really want Les to stick to acting....

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