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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: What a Fool Believes

So really, can anyone explain to me what a "Power Ranking" or a "Weekly Poll" means when there are clearly two dominant College Football teams and a whole bunch of others playing for third place??

I know---you're probably asking: "Ok, smart-ass, if that's the case why are doing this sophomorically, dad-joke heavy column that maybe a half-dozen people will read"? be perfectly honest, isn't a bad question...

My answer would be this: "It's not all about the winners baby!"

It's highly---highly unlikely anyone is beating either Alabama or Clemson this season and in this world of super-mega-rolling in money programs and everyone else, even a loss would not stop the Tide...or the Tigers from making the College Football Playoff.

It's the world we now live in....

For those keeping track (like me), 13-1 with predictions straight up last week. LISTEN TO ME!!!!

That makes me 78-15 on the 2018 season. I AM YOUR COLLEGE FOOTBALL GURU!!! STOP BELIEVING THE CLOWNS ON NETWORK TV....!!!!!


1) Alabama 9-0: So goes the wacky though LSU was going to beat the Tide. Yeah, Tua got picked off and the Tide only scored 29. They gave up zero....(mic drop!)

This Week: vs. Mississippi St.; My Pick: Alabama 37, Mississippi St. 21

2) Clemson 8-0: They beat Louisville and more specifically Bobby Petrino 77-10 haha!

This Week: at Boston College; My Pick: Clemson 41, BC 33

3) Notre Dame 9-0: Yup, Notre Dame. The path is pretty clear. Win and the Irish are in. There is one challenge remaining with a Top 15 (yes, really) Syracuse team. But it is in South Bend. The bet is a fairly safe one.

This Week: vs. Florida State; My Pick: Notre Dame 47, FSU 27

4) Michigan 8-1: The Wolverines just flattened what was thought to be a decent Penn State team 42-7. Arguably no team is playing better right now. The defense is good enough to run with both Alabama and Clemson and the Offense is improving...

This Week: at Rutgers (yikes!!); My Pick: Michigan 51, Rutgers 3

5) Oklahoma 8-1: Playoff hopes are slim, but the Sooners are bouncing back. The get the elevated ranking because nobody below them likely could stop them on a neutral field. I know they struggled to beat Texas Tech and Kyler Murray wasn't perfect--but Tech isn't a pushover this season either...

This Week: vs. Oklahoma State; My Pick: Oklahoma 53, Okie State 37

6) Georgia 8-1: No, UGA hasn't played a perfect game this season. Though since the bad loss AT LSU, they've gotten much better the next two weeks. A very young team has shown signs of growing up and its good enough to beat most other teams...

This Week: vs. Auburn; My Pick: UGA 37, Auburn 23

7) Washington State 8-1: What you say! The Fighting Mike Leach's?? Why yes, yes they are. A tough, tough win vs. California last week, the Cougars are much better on both sides of the ball than most Leach teams. And that is a dangerous combination. Wash. State is a dark horse playoff team if they run the table...

This Week: at Colorado; My Pick: Washington State 45, Colorado 31

8) West Virginia 7-1: The Mountaineers have some control over their destiny. Win out, a playoff berth could await. But....lose to Oklahoma the last week of the season and they may not even make the Big 12 playoff...Love Will Grier though he's been a bit inconsistent this season.

This Week: vs. TCU; My Pick: W.Virginia 43, TCU 28

9) UCF 8-0: 21 in a row and counting. The Knights just keep winning and the system is set up to never allow them to be on the same playing field as the 'Bama and Clemson's of the world. Maybe UCF wouldn't win, but we'll never get to find out under the current system...

This Week: vs. Navy; My Pick: UCF 53, Navy 21

10) Ohio State 8-1: I hate putting these guys back on list. But there aren't a lot of deserving alternatives. The Buckeyes are flawed, the defense is um, not good and they're sloppy. But Dwayne Haskins and Company make up for those flaws---most of the time.

This Week: at Michigan State; My Pick: Ohio St. 31, Michigan St. 17

11) Utah State 8-1: Yup, the Aggies lost week #1 to Michigan State. That's it. They've scored 30 or more in every game except one this season. Get past Boise State the final week, this could be your "Other" Group of 5 team.

This Week: vs. San Jose St.; My Pick: Utah St. 48, San Jose St. 13

12) LSU 7-2: So, the good news is they held Alabama to a season low 29 points. The bad news is the Tigers Which is and has always been their achilles heel. Still a good, very good season is near and within reach...

This Week: at Arkansas; My Pick: LSU 29, Arkansas 13

No, I'm not including a "Other Worthy Teams" list because to be perfectly honest with you, after say Washington State, everyone else is roughly the same team....


More shake ups at the bottom here as our pals in the West Texas town of El-Paso a.k.a UTEP got off the schnide and won!!!

Sure, it was over the Rice Krispies, but hey, a WIN is a win.....

5) Louisville 2-7: You have no idea how happy this makes me. If you know me, you know I never wish anyone maliciously bad things whether I like them or not. But it would make me smile to see Bobby Petrino fired and Louisville get stuck with a buyout...

This Week: at Syracuse; My Pick: Syracuse 58, Louisville 21

4) Bowling Green 1-8: Nope, the Falcons have not rallied around the legendary Carl Pellini, though they did stay within a touchdown of fellow featherweight Kent State. Ahead may be their only chance to actually win the rest of this season.

This Week: at Central Michigan; My Pick: Central Michigan 17, Bowling Green 13

3) Rutgers 1-8: Pity the poor Scarlet Knights---or don't. I really don't know how they can justify being a "Big 10" team as opposed to a MAC team. They just are NOT a good football team and have zero chance of winning anymore this season.

This Week: vs. Michigan (YIKES!!) SEE MICHIGAN ABOVE

2) UConn 1-8: This is the nation's worst defense. Period. The Huskies lost to an awful Tulsa team and it wasn't close (49-19). Randy Edsall is collecting a paycheck here and smart money says he doesn't make it to 2019 as Head Coach. Though I guess I could be wrong...

This Week: vs. SMU; My Pick: SMU 47, UConn 21

1) Rice 1-9: Poor Rice Krispies. A perennially bad program had shown signs of life the past few seasons. And then there's this season. One win and a bad loss to a really bad UTEP team will put you in the basement. Play a close game and they could jump UConn as we still have a couple of weeks left in the race to the bottom....

This Week: at Louisiana Tech; My Pick: La. Tech 51, Rice 10

Also receiving votes: North Carolina, UTEP (only because they are still UTEP), Central Michigan and San Jose State....

And with that, I bid you adieu....and leave you with a new music pick you should check out....

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